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Chain Link Fencing in Melbourne

Chain wire fencing

At Diamond Fence, we offer an excellent range of chain wire fencing, chainlink fencing, chainmesh fencing, cyclone fencing & diamond fencing to customers and clients throughout Greater Melbourne and Regional Victoria. Take a look at the most suitable applications for our chain wire fencing below.

Domestic fencing

Chain wire fencing is an extremely versatile solution for domestic applications. Whether you’re looking to build a boundary fence between two properties or want to create a tennis court fence on your private lawn, we have you taken care of.

All our chain wire fencing solutions can be tailored to your exact specifications and our team can either supply them for you to install or install them on your behalf. 

Our domestic chain wire fencing is available in:

  • Galvanised chain wire
  • PVC coated chain wire (black or green)

Commercial fencing

Our experienced team specialise in supplying and installing chain wire fencing for commercial and industrial environments. All our fencing materials and gates are manufactured using high-grade steel to ensure that your fence is stronger for longer.

To add even more security, we can install barbed wire or razor wire to your fence to ensure that nobody will try to scale and climb over it. We can also take care of any swinging, sliding or bi-folding gates you may require, manufacturing them to your desired size and style.

Our commercial chain wire fencing is available in:

  • Galvanised chain wire
  • PVC coated chain wire (black or green)


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Our products

Commercial applications

  • Building sites
  • Boundary fencing
  • Security fencing
  • Warehouse partitions
  • Storage enclosures
  • Access gates
  • Government departments
  • Window guards
  • Pallet racking safety fences

For a free quote on our high-quality chain wire fencing, call our friendly team today on 03 9753 4566.

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