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Automatic Gates Melbourne. Diamond Fence are your experts for “Beauty and strength combined in Diamond Fence’s quality manual and automatic gates. Expert installation throughout Melbourne. Protect yourself in style.”
Here at Diamond Fence we pride ourselves on our range of Automatic Gates Melbourne. We have a massive range of safe, secure and modern automatic gates that we can customise to the surroundings of your property or business. 

Do you want to update your property with automatic gates? At Diamond Fence, we offer a wide range of durable and attractive automatic gates for homeowners, businesses, sport complexes and anyone else who needs to control access to their property in Melbourne.

With over 40 years of experience in the fencing industry, we have the knowledge you can rely on. Let us help you find the right automatic gates for your needs. If you would like an estimate, fill out the form on the right, or call us on 03 9753 4566 for more information. When you think Automatic Gates Melbourne, we want you to think of Diamond Fence.

Benefits of Automatic Gates Melbourne.

Automatic gates offer several advantages over manual gates. Including things like added and extra safety and security, ease of access when coming to your property or leaving as well as added value to your property. Check out a few of the most popular reasons to install automatic gates to your property.

Improved Security. 

Automatic gates are often harder for trespassers to open than manual gates. That’s because the gates can’t be pushed open even if the locking mechanism is broken or circumvented. With manual gates, on the other hand, the trespasser can easily open the gates after picking or breaking the lock. This particular product is popular with home owners as well as businesses throughout Melbourne (and throughout the world). 

Better Access Control. 

Another advantage to automatic gates is they make it easy to give guests or employees access to your property. For example, you can give employees access cards to open the gate with. Or you can give frequent guests the code to unlock your gates. With a manual gate, you would have to physically unlock the gate for visitors, which can be inconvenient. This is perfect for businesses where employees come and go throughout the day, evening or on the weekend. You have the ability with our automatic gates to have as many codes, remote controllers for access as you require.

Added Value On All Automatic Gates. 

Automatic gates do cost more than manual gates, but the value they add to your property is more than worth it. An automatic gate gives your home or commercial property a prestigious and elegant feel and may raise the resale value of your property. In addition, the installation of an automatic gate can lead to a reduction in your homeowners insurance premiums. Which can – over the years offset the cost of your automatic gates in the first place. 

Explore Our Range of Security Automatic Gates Melbourne.

Depending on the usage, automatic security gates come with a variety of different motors. Your local experts for automatic gates Melbourne, Diamond Fence, will make sure they can be fully customised to suit your particular needs. With Diamond Fence’s automatic gates installations in Melbourne, you can be sure to receive the best security gates in the area.

High and low-duty cycle motors can be installed depending on the amount of use the gates receive during the day.

Metal gates can be installed either on a floor track or cantilever arrangement depending on your needs and budget

Automatic gates can be controlled using:

– Remote controls & Keypad to open gates

– Loop installed on the ground

– Swipe card

– Other access equipment

Each automatic gate also comes with a safety beam that will stop the gate if a person or a vehicle crosses the gate opening while the gate is closing.

Automatic gate installation is not the only security gate installation service Diamond Fence is offering. If instead of automatic gate installation in Melbourne you are looking for a manually operating gate, maybe something like galvanized wire gate, then contact our friendly fencing team, who will be more than happy to offer the best gate installation and security fencing solutions in Melbourne.

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