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We’re Passionate About Keeping Our Past And Potential Clients Up-To-Date With Our Latest Steel Fencing Projects In Melbourne.

Whether it’s a particular challenge we’ve managed to overcome or a new service we’ve provided for the first time, we want you to be the first to know. We have a proven track record of completing some of the biggest steel fencing projects around Victoria, working with architects, builders, government agencies, and many other clients to bring about the best quality work possible.

So no matter if you require residential fencing supply and installation for a basketball or tennis court. Or a high security fence designed for a local prison. Let Diamond Fence help you out. We are Melbourne’s most trusted fencing company with over 40 years experience. We can custom make fencing solutions of all shapes and sizes. From small garden fencing to large scale industrial fencing. Diamond Fence has the knowledge and experience to get the job done. 

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    Commercial Sports Fencing

    Cricket nets, a part of sports fencing services offered by Diamond Fence, serve a great purpose. They save time and allow a higher intensity of training. You can install single or multiple-lane cricket nets. A recent sports fencing project by Diamond Fence included the installation of multiple-lane cricket nets in Brighton. A great fencing solution for cricket lovers.

    PFD Food Palisade Fencing.

    Right here, in Knoxfield, where the Diamond Fence is located, our latest project involved the installation of ModWood and palisade fencing for PDF Food Services. ModWood and palisade fencing offers a high-security fencing solution for any type of premises, be it commercial, industrial or residential. It is highly durable, quite easy to maintain, has a quick installation process, and has a beautiful look that adds value to your premises while keeping it safe.

    Soccer Ground Sports Fencing. 

    Building better facilities and soccer grounds for future Matildas and Socceroos is essential for the growth of the sport. One of  Diamond Fence‘s latest project included installation of new sports fencing at Taylor’s Hill soccer ground. This high-quality chain wire fence with sturdy steel posts will help future generations to practice their soccer skills day in, day out.

    Replacement Tubular Steel Fencing Moorabbin Airport

    Replacing an old chain wire fence with a new, much stronger and secure tubular steel fence at Moorabbin Airport in Victoria. Security is the highest priority when it comes to airports. Sometimes an old chain link fence just isn’t enough to maintain the required security level. A new tubular steel fence that can be powder coated into the colour of your preference can be the best replacement fencing solution. Moorabbin Airport chose a black tubular steel fence to make sure that with a new steel fence.

    Replacement Steel Fence Port Melbourne.

    Who doesn’t love before and after pictures! An old, ragged chain wire fence that was not serving its safety purpose anymore was replaced with a new, strong, solid tubular steel fence in Port Melbourne. These “before and after” shots show how much a new appropriate steel fencing can add to the safety aspect but also to the aesthetic overall looks as well. 

    Post and Rail Barriers Newport.

    Post and rail barriers were recently installed in Newport. Timber post along side with steel rail have that aesthetic value with proper security measurements. Diamond Fence provides with post and rail fencing regardless if you decide to have timber post and steel rails, or vice versa. We’ll find the right post and rail fencing solution for you.

    Playground Security Fencing.

    Pakenham playground received a new security fence to make sure that kids are safe to play at any time. This project included mix mash of tubular steel fencing and timber fencing to add some extra warmth to the playground. The end result of freshly fenced playground was cool and definitely will make it stand out from the rest of the playgrounds with its unique fencing solution. 

    Water Tank Enclosure With Timber Look Aluminium Slats.

    This project did not only include different types of steel fencing materials, but also had the good looks on top of it all! A water tank that needed protection and covering up, ended up getting good looking fence made out of tubular steel frame and covered with timber looking aluminium slats. You couldn’t even guess that this timber looking fence is hiding a huge water tank behind it. That’s one nicely done steel fencing we would say!

    Steel Fencing For A Church.

    One of our latest projects was installing a tubular steel fence for a church in Werribee. The end result was praise worthy as it made the church look beautiful, elegant and secure at the same time. A lengthy tubular steel fencing covered with black powder coating will make sure that tubular steel fence will stand strong against corrosion, and any intruders for a long time to come.

    Steel Safety Screens For AFL.

    There’s no secret that Diamond Fence is a big AFL fan, and we are very proud to have provided AFL field with the steel safety screens to make sure that every footy practice will be as efficient as it needs to be to prepare the team for the upcoming games. Diamond Fence can install steel security fencing with required height, steel material and the looks you are looking for your footy, soccer, rugby or any other sports field

    Darebin Creek Bike Trail Fencing.

    Darebin Creek bike trail project was challenging, but a very rewarding one. Many miles of curvy bike trail, where Diamond Fence installed steel security barriers, chained mesh security screens, took some time to finish, but the end result was beautiful, and what most important, made Darebin creek bike trail a safer place for cyclists to have their rides. Diamond Fence’s steel fencing in Melbourne makes sure that your safety comes first!

    Victorian Desalination Plant.

    Diamond Fence was one of the first trades to start the on-site constructing of the 11km temporary fence, and then one of the last trades to leave the site after constructing the permanent fence, leaving behind somewhat an impressive result. The fencing, surrounding the plant, has a total perimeter of 2200m. The outside fence has a height of 2.4m, with three barbed wire black PVC coated chain link fences with a top and bottom rail. Plant has also the internal fence, electrified post and wire fence, which is 5m off the boundary fence.

    Latrobe University Bike Shelter.

    This project had its challenges from pricing off a plan, to redesigning, to constructing. The goal of installing chain link to such a structure was always going to be a challenge due to the curves in the support beams. As this task was something out of the norm, it was a project that was always going to be challenging, but it was rewarding to see the end result. And as the picture above show, it was a project with an impressive end result.


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