Top Quality Galvanized Chain Wire Fencing Melbourne. 

If you require a long-lasting fencing solution for your factory or building site, galvanized chain wire fencing could be the solution you’ve been looking for, and Diamond Fence (Aust) Pty Ltd is here to install it for you. Top-quality galvanized chain wire in Melbourne – with Diamond Fence it is guaranteed to be one of the best.

Galvanized Coating. 

Galvanized coating is generally the most cost-effective option and is a durable solution to corrosion. Galvanized coating is usually used on internal partitions or perimeter fencing around factories and/or building sites. Galvanized fences and galvanized wire gates are your go-to for a stronger and longer lasting metal fencing solutions.

PVC Coating. 

PVC coatings, or plastic coatings in other words, are rapidly becoming a popular option for people who want a fence that will survive in corrosive areas. This option comes in black and green, and is complementary to most surroundings as it will blend in with the environment.

Fuse-Bonded Coating. 

This is a relatively new product and is ideal for use in highly corrosive areas or where the fabric has high-impact use (such as cricket nets and hockey fields). Fuse-bonded coatings are available in black and green options.

We offer a one-year warranty for this type of fencing as per Australian Standard 1725-2010.

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