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Diamond Fence (Aust) Pty Ltd. Expert Fencing Contractors Melbourne.

Your Local Fencing Company Melbourne Since 1978.

Local Fencing Contractors Melbourne. 

Diamond Fence have been among the premier local fencing contractors in Melbourne since 1978. Our team live and breath all types of fencing. Including residential fencing, commercial fencing and industrial fencing. Our expert team of fencing contractors service the metropolitan area of Melbourne. Including parts of regional Victoria. 

As a result of being one of the premier fencing contractors in Melbourne. We have built upon our humble beginnings and expanded our foot print of fencing services offered. No matter if you are looking for an professional business that can cater to residential fencing, commercial fencing and industrial fencing. Diamond Fence are the business for you. 

We specialise in security fencing, chain link fencing, mesh fencing, tubular steel fencing and much more. Please explore our website and see what we have to offer as well as how we can assist you. We guarantee satisfaction and that you will find a solution for your fencing needs. Diamond Fence are your locally trusted fencing contractors Melbourne. With our decades of experience, we are here help you find the ideal fence for your property or business.  

Tubular Steel Fencing Melbourne
Chain Mesh Fencing Melbourne

Our Quality Guarantee.

Here at Diamond Fence we focus on providing quality services. That are tailored to your home or businesses wants and needs. We know what fences work for what properties. As well as recognising the strengths and weaknesses of different fencing options.

Diamond Fence belongs to the Chainlink Association and the Master Builders Association. We also currently have an EBA with the C.F.M.E.U. Which helps you know that our services are reliable and trustworthy. By keeping our reputation pristine you can put your trust in our services. We have made a massive effort to build up our reputation. Product, service and quality of product over the years. This means that with every job we undertake. You are getting years and thousands of hours experience.

Therefore, when you are exploring local fencing contractors Melbourne. Come to Diamond Fence for experience, quality service, and a free quote on our fencing services. Call 03 9753 4566 or complete our online form today.

Request a free quote today on all fencing services.

Our Fencing Services.

Our team of expert fencing contractors Melbourne have a wide and extensive rage of experience. This spans to different fencing products and fencing services. Over the years we have been able to build upon our skillsets. Product and services and use our knowledge and experience to recommend the best fencing for your goals. We are your expert local fencing contractors Melbourne.

Our products are available for all properties. So no matter if you are looking for commercial fencing, residential fencing or industrial fencing. Diamond Fence are the fencing company for you. We are able to advise, customise and ensure each fencing option suits your property as well as its surroundings. Whilst taking into consideration the overall goals you have for your fencing.

All of our services are available for domestic, industrial and commercial. As well as catering to supply, repair and installation. Our goal is to work with you in order to keep your property secure and your fence properly maintained for years to come.

Request a Free Quote Online Today. 

    Residential and commercial sports fencing. Perfect for tennis courts or sporting grounds. Diamond Fence caters to all.

    Commercial Sports Fencing Melbourne

    Highly durable and easily maintainable security solution. Palisade fencing increases the safety of your home or property with a wide array of colours.

    Palisade Fencing Melbourne

    No matter what your security fencing needs may be, we have you taken care of at Diamond Fence. Give us a call today.

    Diplomat Fencing Melbourne

    No matter if you are looking for cyclone fencing, chain wire fencing or chain link fencing we cater to all commercial and residential properties.

    Chain Link Fence Melbourne

    Security fencing that keeps your family, business and property safe at all times. With a wide range of strong and reliable options.

    Security Fencing Melbourne

    If you’re looking to build a boundary fence between properties or to create a tennis court fence on your private lawn, we have you taken care of.

    Chain Wire Fence Melbourne

    Welded mesh fencing perfect for defining your boundaries. A versatile solution that suits school fields, residential gardens and parklands.

    Welded Mesh Fencing Melbourne

    Top quality tubular steel fencing perfect for both residential, commercial and industrial properties and businesses.

    Tubular Steel Fencing Melbourne

    Industrial and Commercial highly secure safety barriers that cordon off hazardous areas throughout Melbourne.

    Safety Barriers Melbourne

    Diamond Fence offers high-security Colorbond Fencing that is perfect for all commercial and industrial businesses. Colour matched to your liking. 

    Colorbond Fencing Melbourne

    We have a massive range of safe, secure and modern manual and automatic gates customised to your property or business.

    Automatic Gats Melbourne

    Diamond Fence (Aust) Pty Ltd caters to all fencing solutions for commercial, industrial and residential properties in Melbourne, Victoria.

    Mixed Material Fencing Victoria


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