Safety Barriers Melbourne.

Guard Rails, Handrails and Safety Barriers Melbourne.

Are you looking for a highly secure safety barriers in Melbourne to cordon off a hazardous area in a public place? Or maybe you require guard rails and handrails in Melbourne to improve the safety of your construction site? With Diamond Fence’s handrails and safety barriers in Melbourne, you will make sure that your safety does come first.

Safety Barriers Solutions That Stand Out. 

No matter what your safety barrier needs may be, we’ll be more than happy to help.

At Diamond Fence, we’re passionate about offering fencing solutions that can make people feel safer and more secure. Whether it’s a handrail to improve walkability over uneven terrain or a w-beam to separate pedestrians and construction employees from plant and work vehicles, our expert team will meet all your safety barriers expectations.

With four decades of experience in the fencing industry, we provide safety barriers, guard rails and handrails to a vast range of commercial and industrial clients throughout Greater Melbourne and Regional Victoria.

When it comes to safety and safety barriers, it’s important to make them as clear and visible as possible. That’s why we offer powder coating services for our safety barriers, guard rails and handrails, allowing you to customise them for optimum visibility in your environment. W – beam railing, for example, can be powder coated yellow, offering a strong, long lasting and highly visible safety solution.

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