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“When you think of Security Fencing In Melbourne, think of Diamond Fence Aust. Security fencing makes around 90% of our business, therefore we guarantee to provide the highest quality security fencing in Melbourne, supported by 40 years’ experience in the fencing industry. “

Do you want a security fence in Melbourne that will protect your home, you and your family from intruders? Or perhaps you require a strong and reliable security fencing in Melbourne for an airport or prison?

No matter what your security fencing needs may be, we have you taken care of at Diamond Fence.

If you’re looking for security fences in Greater Melbourne or Regional Victoria, look no further. We are specialists when it comes to providing security fences for commercial, industrial and residential applications. It makes up around 90% of our business, and after 40 years of experience in the industry, that works out to a lot of security fencing projects.

If your family home backs onto a public park or footpath, you could be at risk of intruders and trespassers. We can also provide high-security fencing solutions for airports and prisons to ensure that nobody can get in or out.

Diamond Fence is a trusted security fencing solutions provider. Whether you run a large business, or are a small home-owner, we will treat every fencing project with the highest care and professionalism, regardless of the size. Industrial security fencing, commercial security fencing or a residential security fencing – Diamond Fence will take care of them for you. 

Give us a call today on 03 9753 4566  and we’ll discuss how we can protect you and your family with a durable, long-lasting security fencing in Melbourne.

Palisade Fencing Melbourne. 

Security Fencing With Palisade Fencing. Need a security fence, but don’t particularly want chain wire or tubular steel? Then steel palisade fencing is right for you. You can choose silver galvanized steel palisade fence, or maybe something colourful instead. If so, then your fence can be powder coated in the colour you like to fit the surrounding environment and adding something extra to the aesthetic value of your residential property or business premises.
Security Steel Palisade Fencing By Diamond Fence.

Security Window Guards. 

Higher Security With Window Guards. An extra security measurement for a factory in an exposed location, building site that holds expensive building material, a home that locates right at the side of the road where installing a security fence is not possible, or for a safety measurement to keep children safe with eliminating the risk of them falling out of the window. Many reasons with one solutions.

Made-To-Measure Window Guards For Extra Security By Diamond Fence.

Barbed Wire and Razor Wire. 

Extra Security With Barbed Wire and Razor Wire. Need a security fence that has an extra security measurement? That is just a bit stronger and harder to climb over than a regular security fence? Maybe for a prison security fencing? Then a barbed wire or a razor wire is your go-to. By installing one (or both) of them, you will make sure that no human hands would like to give it a go to try to climb over your metal security fence.
Top-Quality Barbed Wire and Razor Wire For Higher Security By Diamond Fence.

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    Security Fencing Melbourne