Industrial Fencing Decisions To Be Made

Industrial fencing hasn’t been discussed enough and today we will turn that around. But first things first. Before we turn to industrial fencing, let’s identify what belongs under the word “industrial”.

Simply put industry is a segment of the economy that involves manufacturing and transportation of products. So when we talk about industrial, and especially industrial fencing, we are talking about the factories that produce products, also big warehouses that store them for the import/export purposes. And of course other premises that are used for manufacturing, altering, repairing, cleaning, washing, breaking-up or processing articles.

Okay, now that’s out of the way, let’s take a look at the fencing options offered by Diamond Fence for industrial fencing purposes.

1. Chain link fencing, also known as chain wire fencing, and diamond fencing and cyclone fencing. If the fence your looking to install is miles long, and you don’t want to spend a fortune, then chain link fence might be your go to as it is a bit cheaper but still a solid option. When it comes to security then it will get the job done. Of course there are a bit stronger options out there and we will talk about them very soon.

When it comes to fighting the corrosion, the chain wire fencing in good in the sense that you can use galvanized chain wire, and also PVC coated (plastic coated chain wire) chain wire.

2. Tubular steel fencing. Tubular steel is a perfect solutions when you’re looking for something stronger than chain wire for your industrial premises. Tubular steel is hollow from the inside making it still a very strong fencing material, but at the same time it’s not that heavy as the steel fences, making transportation of tubular steel fence to your industrial grounds much easier and less time consuming.

Corrosion wise tubular steel can be powder coated so this coating will protect it from the corrosion. Powder coating is environmentally friendly “painting” solution, giving it protection from corrosion, but fabulous aesthetic looks at the same time.

3. Welded mesh fencing. Welded mesh fencing is also a great solution for industrial fencing. It kind of looks like chain link fencing, but in reality it is put together from welded mesh panels, and is a much stronger fencing solution. You can choose the height of your welded mesh panels to make sure that no one can climb over the fence, be it wild life or human beings. It can be galvanized or powder coated so the protection against the corrosion is there!

4. Colorbond fencing. Diamond Fence offers Colorbond fencing solutions only for industrial premises (commercial as well), but not for residential purposes. But why Colorbond steel fencing? It is such a good security fencing solution for industrial grounds as it is extremely hard to climb over it, it needs minimum maintenance, it’s not see-through so no human eyes can see what’s going on on your industrial premises, and on top of it all, like a cherry on top of the cake, you can make your industrial factory look beautiful with the different colour options that Colorbond steel offers.

And of course it is also protected from corrosion, so Colorbond steel fencing is a way to go. It is more expensive, but in a long run it’s worth it!

5. Gates. Yes, when it comes to industrial fencing, you have to think about the gates as well. Either should they be automatic gates (automated gates), manually operating gates (manual gates), swinging gates or sliding gates etc. Diamond Fence can help you with those decisions. Just contact us in a way that’s more convenient for you: email, phone call or an online quote request.

6. Party mix! Trail mix! Call it whatever you want! What we’re trying to say with throwing the words around like that is that you can mix-mash different types of fences. Either be it  chain link with tubular steel, Colorbond with welded mesh, and so on. As we’ve said it before, at Diamond Fence we’ll find the right solutions for YOU!

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