Metal Pool Fencing That Suits Well

Pool fencing in Melbourne, yet another choice to make? Need some help? If yes, then continue reading, if no, then still continue reading as you might find out something new you did not know about pool fencing in Melbourne before.

So…seems that you have kept on reading, good! That means you have a pool or you are planning to purchase one, or buy a house with a pool in its back yard, or whatever your reason was to continue reading, one thing is clear, you are interested in pool fencing and information about it. And you shall have it!

What kind of pool fencing should you get? Well, it all comes down to your needs. Firstly why are you getting or interested in getting pool fencing? Yes, it’s for safety, but for whose safety? Maybe you have little kids and you want to make sure they will not be able to approach the pool without your permission (security pool fencing with security gates that only you can open) as kids are so curious and just one quick look away and your child can be in great danger as their curiosity has led them to swimming pool and now they are just trying to play with the crystal clear water. 

Or maybe you have pets you want to keep away from the pool? Or maybe you want to make sure that no one will climb the fence and have a nice midnight swim in your personal pool. Believe us, there are a lot of people who would use the opportunity to have a refreshing swim in a very hot weather, even if it means a quick jump into a strangers pool, or maybe local teenagers who played “truth or dare” game and someone dared them to have a swim in a strangers house. Anything can happen, and you want to be protected from that “anything”.

This is why you need to know your reason for wanting to install pool fencing, as the type, heigh and material of the pool fence will depend on that decision.

If you are looking for commercial pool fencing, then it’s no different from residential pool fencing as you’d still need to know the reason for pool fencing. Is it just to separate two swimming pools, or want to have a security gate around all of your pools? The type, the height and the material will depend on that choice as well.

As the fence has to be tall enough so kids or strangers could not climb over it, then the height of the fence is very important. With Diamond Fence you don’t have to worry about it. We’ll help you to figure out exactly what heigh is appropriate for your swimming pool(s)!

Next one is the material. One of the most popular metal pool fencing material is tubular steel fencing as this gives the best aesthetic value and at the same time its powder coating gives it the protection from the corrosion it needs, especially where there is moisture around it all year round. Powder coating not only protects your swimming pool tubular steel fencing, but also gives you the flexibility to choose the colour you like your pool fencing to be. 

You can also use chain wire fencing. It’s a great security fencing solutions as it will protect your swimming pool from unwanted visitors, and you can make it as high or as low as you want. For extra protection from corrosion, you can use galvanized chain wire and/or PVC coated chain wire.

When it comes to pool fencing, then timber fencing is no stranger to that. It’s not a common thing to see timber fence around commercial swimming pools, if ever, but in a domestic fencing it’s not a rare thing to see. Some households choose timber fencing as it’s a cheaper option than metal fencing, and has that warm and aesthetic value that they might highly value. 

So to sum it all up, firstly you need to answer the question why? Why are you planning to install pool fencing? Then you need to decide the height of your fence (look if your area has any requirements regarding the fence height). Then decide the material: metal (tubular steel, chain wire (galvanized, PVC coated etc), timber or maybe even glass, which is the most expensive from the options above. 

Once you have the basics, then it’s time to find yourself a fencing contractor who will do the job. And Diamond Fence is up for the job for sure. Over more that four decades we have done a lot of pool fencing, either for commercial or residential pools, so you know you’ll receive the best quality fencing!

Therefore don’t wait and hit us up with any pool fencing questions you may have. Call us on (03) 9753 4566, shoot us an email on, or just get a FREE online quote.