What Kind Of Steel Fencing Is Suitable For Your Residential Backyard?

If your are living in one of the Melbourne’s suburbs then this article is for you as today we’ll discuss about the appropriate residential fencing. Regardless if you live in Richmond, Hawthorn, or maybe even Knoxfield, the same suburb that Diamond Fence is located at,  hopefully you’ll find some key points to take away from this blog post about what kind of residential fencing should you choose for your beloved suburban home.

We’ll disregard fencing choices like timber, bamboo, aluminium as Diamond Fence offers steel fencing solutions in Greater Melbourne and Regional Victoria. We’ll concentrate more on the fencing application offered by us.

NUMBER 1:  Chain link fencing or chain wire fencing solutions.

The good: It’s extremely versatile fencing solution for residential homes. If you decided that you need to build a fence to separate yourself from your neighbour, then you can use chain wire as your go-to as you can choose the measurements of your fence easily. It’s one of the cheapest options as well. And chain wire can be used not only for separating your property from the property positioning next to yours, but you can also use it to have a dog cage, or a mini cricket practice cage installed into your backyard. Chain wire is also a perfect solution for sports fencing as it’s measurements can be easily tailored to suit the requirements of your home.

If your residential home locates in a place with high corrosion possibility then you can use galvanized chain wire to protect it from corrosion. If you are using chain wire for sports practice field purposes then you can use PVC coated chain wire to protect sports equipment from getting scratched by the chain wire fence. Diamond Fence offers black and green PVC coated chain wire as these two colours are the best ones to fit into the suburban picture.

The bad: The only “bad” thing we would mention about the residential chain wire fencing is that it might not “fit the picture” the best, meaning that in simple words it might not look the best . Yes, it will do a great job to separate you from your neighbour or your neighbour’s dog, but you can still see them. It might not create that warm aesthetic suburban feeling you might be looking for. But that’s the only “bad” thing we will mention as beauty lies on the eyes of beholder because some of you might be looking for that kind of looks instead. So our “bad” might not be your “bad”. You might also ask why is “bad” in quotes? Well because while writing this I am doing a movement with my two fingers to say “bad” sarcastically because as said then “bad” might not actually be bad. Confusing… Whatever, let’s “move on”!

NUMBER 2: Tubular steel fencing
The good: Tubular steel fencing is one of the favourites of residential houses in different Melbourne suburbs as this residential fencing solutions has it all: the looks and the quality strength. By strength we mean that tubular steel fencing is long lasting fencing solutions as in addition to the sturdiness of steel fencing overall, tubular steel, even if hollow in the middle, still keeps that strength to act as reliable security fence. Due to the hollowness inside the tubular steel fence, it is also much easier to transport if you decide to install it yourself.

And by beauty of the tubular steel fence we mean that it can be powder coated into the colour you’d like to suit the overall looks and the environment of your residential home. Yellow, blue, green, you name it and Diamond Fence will have it. The beautiful powder coat acts not only as the fashion designer in that case, but also as a protector of corrosion. Yes, exactly right, powder coat will help your tubular steel fence fight the corrosion for longer!

The bad: Nothing really! Like we said, it has the looks and strength to keep you safe and your home beautiful!

NUMBER 3: Welded mesh fencing
The good:
Welded mesh fencing is also a great alternative for residential fencing because it’s strong and a great for security reasons. 

The bad: Nothing bad to say really as if the looks suits you, it will suit Diamond Fence and we will install a new welded mesh fence in your back yard as agreed in no time.

LUCKY NUMBER 4: Colorbond fencing
The good:
Colorbond fencing is a great fencing type. It’s high security due to the fact that it’s extremely difficult to climb over a high Colorbond fence. It’s also looks great with all the Colorbond colour choices to give you that aesthetic homey look you’re looking for. And don’t get us started one the maintenance of the Colorbond fence because it’s great! Colorbond fence is a low maintenance fence that would suit your residential home perfectly.

The “bad”: Diamond Fence doen’t offer Colorbond fencing for residential purposes, only for industrial and commercial properties. Sorry mate!

But here you have it: Diamond Fences TOP 4 residential fencing types for Melbourne suburbs. So if you are interested in installing a new steel fence for your residential home, then contact us today! 

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