Manual gates or automatic gates in Melbourne? Decisions, decisions.

Automatic Gates Installation In Melbourne. 

Our life in the last few decades has changed in the way we did not see it coming. Technology is changing on a daily basis and I am pretty confident when I say that neither we or you are capable of keeping track of all of the changes taking place. Hence today’s topic on manual gates and automatic gates in Melbourne.

Let’s look at the below definitions for a second, shall we.

A gate – a point of entry to a space or a territory. Gates may prevent the entry or exit of individuals, or they may be merely decorative.

A door– a moving mechanism to block off or allow access to an enclosed space like building, room or a vehicle. 

Using those two definitions above (thanks Wikipedia), let’s make our own definition of a fence and a gate that would suit Diamond Fence’s parameters.

Diamond Fence’s Automatic Gate – a point of entry to a space or a territory through a moving mechanism that blocks off or allow access of individuals, vehicles or other trespassers.

Gates can have an aesthetic purpose by creating somewhat of an impression what may lie beyond. Or it can be a clear sign of wanting to have a privacy. Whatever the reason behind the desire to install a fence with a gate might be, Diamond Fence can help you out with the metal gate installation and supply.

Now, but what about the decision whether you should install automatic or manual gate?


It’s all about the money, money, money… Actually Jessie J’s songs goes: It’s not about the money, money, money… but who are we kidding, it’s most likely about the money and finances when it comes to a decisions like installing a new metal gate in your Melbourne home. 

Yes, manual gates are a cheaper option compared to automatic gates. So if your budget is very, very sensitive, then you might consider installing manual gates. 

But with manual gates you can forget the comfort you would receive with automatic gates. If the manual gate you installed or wish to install is for a security reason, and not only for the great aesthetic value, you have to remember that locks can be manually latched or unlatched by a person. So if you don’t fancy to get out of the car during a cold winter day or night to drive out of your driveway and would prefer to open the gate with a push of a single button, then automatic gates might be a better option for you.

Manual gates have their positive side when it comes to automatisation. Manual gates don’t depend on power. So for example if you live in a rural area where you know that loosing electricity due to the weather conditions or other circumstances are a common thing to happen, and then it takes time to get the electricity back, then manually operating gates might be a better solutions.


Automatic = operated by motor. So for this sections I have only 3 words: convenience, comfort, time.

Like mentioned previously then it’s so much more convenient to open gates that sometimes are big and heavy with a single push of the button on your remote. Or getting out of the car every single time you’re going to or from work, or just making some shopping to get your groceries. Whatever’s the reason, it’s pretty comfortable to have a gate that opens automatically.

And time! Nowadays time is one of the most precious things – there’s just not enough of it. How many of you wish that there were more hours in a day? I know I do! So what you’d rather have: a gate that needs your help to open and most of the times includes getting out and in of the car, walking to a gate, opening it etc, OR a gate that opens on it’s own and at a steady pace. If you are time sensitive, then I think I know which one you’d choose.

So choosing between automatic gate and manually operating gate would most likely come down to finances and convenience. Choose wisely. Sometimes convenience is worth the money in the long run.

Below are some of the common types of automatic gates:

1. Sliding gates (most common). To open or to close the gate, they slide left to right, or right to left, whichever solutions you prefer.

2. Swing gates. To open or close, they simply swing.

3. Bi-folding gates are the gates that fold or unfold to allow the access.

4. Vertical pivot lift gates are gates that rotate in and out.

5. Vertical lift gates are gates that move up and down vertically.

If you need help with metal gate installation or supply in Melbourne, contact us. We are sure we can offer a metal gate and of course metal fencing solutions that would suit your requirements. If you are not sure which one would work for you, also call us, our fencing experts will talk you through to find the best gate and fence for you.

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