Back To History Class To Learn More About Colorbond Steel

Colorbond Steel  – two simple words you’ve probably heard of. Colorbond steel is widely known in Australia due to its strong, sturdy and beautiful looks, and can also be named as “your” looks as Colorbond steel allows you to choose it with an ease. With a wide range of colours that are subtle or bold, light or dark, cool or warm, you’ll find a colour that will compliment your back garden of your lovely home, or of your industrial or commercial property. And of course you can add some personality by adding lattice, slats or post caps.

The best thing about Colorbond steel fence is that it won’t rot, it won’t be eaten by termites, it is non-combustible and resists the fire. An easily maintainable Colorbond steel fence that doesn’t need any painting, oiling or replacing palings is a pleasure to have!

The popularity of Colorbond steel fencing created a desire to get to know more about this fencing style. So hence today’s blog post about the history of Colorbond steel. Get you study cap on and tune in!

Did you know that Colorbond steel’s history goes way-way back to 1843? When nowadays you can find a lot of products saying “Made In China”, then Colorbond Steel history goes back to England instead. Before Colorbond steel was created, there was corrugated iron and you can say “Made In England” about the first corrugated steel in the world.

In 1943, English civil engineer, Henry Robinson Palmer,  created the first corrugated iron. He was also the one who designed the world’s second monorail and first elevated railway. But his invention of corrugated steel created a pathway for sturdy Colorbond steel. He discovered that corrugating a thin sheet of iron could produce a very strong, lightweight building material.

Soon enough Europe fell in love with corrugated iron as it was strong, light and easily transportable. Not long enough the love for corrugated iron made its way to Australia. An Australian icon, John Lysaght, who was only 25 in 1957 when he saw the potential of corrugated iron and started importing it to Australia, an idea that changed Australian domestic and industrial landscape forever.   Build everything from garden sheds, carports, new homes, roofing, walling, gutters, downpipes, of course our beloved fencing and many more.

John Lygsaght was the man of his era if to say the least:

1857      John Lysaght exported galvanised corrugated iron to Australia, known as ORB brand

1880  Central Selling Agency in Melbourne established which controlled all Australian sales. 
1918 John Lysaght (Australia) Pty Ltd founded. Transferring the head office from Melbourne to Sydney takes place.
1921 Opening of the irst Australian Lysaght manufacturing plant in Newcastle, NSW  and rolling and galvanizing first Australian sheet.
1936 Lysaght purchased The Australian Iron & Steel (AIS) plant at Port Kembla. 
1961 Lyaght becomes a public company by issuing 3 million shares (20%) to the Australian public.
1969   BHP obtaining a 24% share in John Lysaght Australia.
1979 Lysaght becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of BHP.
19871999 Lysaght renamed many times: Lysaght Building Industries,  Lysaght Building Products, then BHP Building Products, then BHP Steel Lysaght


Name change once again: BlueScope Lysaght

BlueScope Lysaght rebranded as Lysaght

We’ll finish off this post with some fascinating facts:

  • Approximately 6 million tonnes of COLORBOND® steel produced since 1966. 
  • In 1966, COLORBOND® steel was available in six colours, when today the number has reached 22. 
  • Nearly half of new Australian homes have a roof made from COLORBOND® steel. 
  • 9 out of 10 new homes built in Australia feature products made from COLORBOND® steel. Products like on roofs, fences, walls, gutters and fascia, water tanks, sheds, cubby houses and carports. 
  • Over 80% of all Australian gutters and fascias are made from COLORBOND® steel.

We will leave you with those numbers that should shake your reality because Colorbond steel is the key player in Australia’s commercial and industrial world.

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