Aluminium fencing and fencing posts are popular in Melbourne due to their looks, durability and cost. Let’s find out why so many homeowners turn to this fencing style.

Aluminium for fencing

Aluminium is suitable for fencing and fencing posts. It is a lightweight, very durable and versatile material. Even when exposed to various weather conditions, it will not corrode. Meaning, aluminium fences will look good for many decades.

Some fencing suppliers also offer an additional coating for aluminium fencing to provide even longer-lasting durability.

As aluminium is easily bent and lightweight. Thus, aluminium fencing posts have to be thicker and, therefore, heavier. Note that if you require high-security fencing, you should consider installing steel posts instead, as steel is impact resistant. Hence, more suitable for fencing and fence posts installed in high-security areas such as airports, prisons or school grounds.

Aluminium fencing, including the fencing posts, are a cheaper fencing alternative compared to steel fencing. For the reasons mentioned, aluminium fencing and fence posts are suitable for residential areas such as gardens, pools or yards of various sizes.

aluminium slat gate

Determining the post type

When it comes to aluminum posts, there are usually five types of posts, based on the location and the thickness of the posts. 

  1. End posts are used where the fencing ends. 
  2. The corner posts are installed in the corners. They connect two panels in the corner at a 90-degree angle.
  3. Line alumumium fencing posts are placed in the middle of a fence with fencing panels installed on both sides of the post.
  4. Aluminium fencing posts that are called gate end posts are thicker. They are used on each side of the gate and are heavier to handle the weight of the gate.

Will aluminium fence post rust?

Aluminium is a low-maintenance material. By installing an aluminium fence and fencing posts, you may rest assured that, compared to other fencing types, you will spend fairly less time inspecting and repairing the fence.

As aluminium is not affected by corrosion, it will not rot or rust like some other fencing types. Why doesn’t aluminium rust? Because it is a non-ferrous material (does not contain iron), thus, not susceptible to corrosion.

As aluminium is not affected by damp conditions, you do not have to worry about your aluminium fencing posts starting to rust.

All you need to do is to give your fence and fencing posts an occasion clean to make sure the dirt and debris do not start to accumulate at the bottom or on top of your fence. That will keep it good-looking with minimal input.

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