Finn angle fencing is an upgrade from traditional tubular steel fencing. Tubular steel fencing, as we know, is fencing that is either made out of steel or aluminium, providing excellent security for residential houses and commercial or industrial premises, as well as public spaces. As the name says, tubular steel fencing is made of tubular metal.

What is Finn angle fencing?

Finn angle fencing is a fencing type that uses angle pickets. These fences are usually made out of steel, just as tubular steel fencing. However, when passing by and looking at the fence at an angle, angle pickets provide a limited view.

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Benefits of Finn angle fences

1. Finn angle fences can be powder coated. Powder coating the metal has several benefits. Firstly, it is an efficient and environment-friendly coating method. As electromagnetic energy is used during the powder application, there is a very limited amount of waste created.

Powder coating is durable as when it cures, chemical bonds created in the process create a durable finish. It protects the underlying metal from corrosion, and it is highly resistant to flaking and scratching.

Using powder coating also allows for customisation as powder manufactures can create blends that will suit your requirements.

2. As mentioned previously, angle pickets provide much higher privacy compared to tubular steel fencing. Hence, if your purpose is to limit what people can see behind the fence, this fencing style could be the right choice for you.

3. Finn angle fences are very sturdy. Usually, made out of steel, this fencing type is covered in zinc during the galvanizing process providing protection from various weather conditions. Thus, fencing may last for many decades (depending on the external conditions).

4. Finn angle fencing is low-maintenance fencing. As it has been galvanized and/or powder coated, it is protected from corrosion. Hence, it is harder than a brick wall. It is also resistant to insects and animals. However, annual checkups/cleanup should be planned to make sure that the dirt and debris have not accumulated at the bottom of the fence, creating perfect conditions for condensation to accumulate.

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Fencing styles

Finn angle fencing offers various design and size options. It is recommended that you consult with the fencing provider before deciding whether you want Finn angle fencing and whether it is the right choice for you. Our fencing team is here to provide you with information on Finn angle fences.

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