Diamond Fence installed a sturdy chain wire security fence in Truganina, Melbourne. A black chain wire fencing with an additional measure, razor wire, was one of the latest projects undertaken by us. We supplied one of the industrial premises in Truganina with a strong security fence that will keep the intruders away.

Melbourne chain link fence

Chain wire fence as a security fence. Is it a good idea?

Chain wire fencing is a widely used fencing type starting from Melbourne suburbs and finishing with regional Victoria farms. Going back as far as into the beginning of the 19th-century when the production of the chain wire fencing became automated, the chain wire (also known as chain link or chain mesh) fence has become one of the popular choices for security fencing.

Melbourne security fencing

Chain wire is usually made out of stainless steel. Furthermore, the chromium on its surface has been oxidised for strength and durability. It has several benefits, especially when it comes to security.

Chain wire fencing has been mainly used for security purposes. Using chain wire mesh allows creating fencing that suits your requirements. Diamond Fence offers fencing solutions that vary in measurements (e.g., height and length) – whatever are the demands of your fencing project.

As chain wire fencing uses galvanized steel wires, it will last you a long time. It is resistant to corrosion and other environmental factors (strong winds, etc.). Also, its transparency allows seeing the approaching threats (if they are one).

When it comes to industrial and commercial areas, using chain wire will help to protect your premises, be it from intruders or wildlife. For example, chain wire security fence can be installed into parking areas, schools, recreational centers or parks. These are the areas where the safety of your customers, kids or even your pets, comes first.

It is also good to know that chain wire fencing is one of the wallet-friendly fencing options. Meaning, it is not as costly as some of the other fencing types, such as tubular steel fencing. It is a factor to consider when you have a large fencing project at your hands at your industrial or commercial premises.

What about razor wire for extra security?

Chain wire security fence allows the installation of extra security measures, such as razor wire. It is a usual picture you may see at high-security premises (e.g., prisons). Why? Well, if you had proper tools, you may circumvent the razor wire quite quickly. However, if you did not, razor wire barriers can cut human flesh, making it much more difficult to trespass without getting serious injuries. Thus, making the process of climbing over, under or between razor wire a slow process, giving the security forces much more time to respond.

chain wire security fencing melbourne

Furthermore, razor wire does not produce any environmental impact during the installation. What’s even better, you can recycle it.

Razor also wire creates a psychological effect – making intruders think twice before they illegally trespass the fence with razor wire.

Lastly, razor wire and chain wire mesh for security fencing purposes are a good match. They are both low-cost and sturdy. For example, razor wire can last you 10 years if ungalvanized, but over 30 years when galvanized! What is even better, razor wire is easy to handle material and suits various surfaces (e.g., fences, concrete walls).

If you have a fencing project, be it chain wire security fencing with or without razor wire, or any other steel fencing type, turn to us. Our friendly fencing team will help you out!

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