Cleaning an aluminium fence, be it aluminium slat fencing, tubular aluminium fencing or some other type of aluminium fencing, is a simple job you can and should perform regularly.

Before we provide some tips on how to clean an aluminium fence, let’s look at whether aluminium is a good fencing material and at some of its benefits.

Benefits of aluminium fences

Aluminium fences are suitable for residential, commercial and industrial fencing purposes. There are many reasons for that. Firstly, the cost of the fencing. It is not as cheap as chain link or timber fences. However, its pricing is reasonable compared to fencing styles that have similar effectiveness and durability. For example, steel and iron fences and gates.

Secondly, aluminium fences are corrosion resistant. Aluminium is a material that can withstand weather and other external factors that other fencing types would not. Timber will rot and steel will rust if not maintained properly. Thus, aluminium fences are suitable for areas with large amounts of rain. As Melbourne is known for its weather, aluminium fences are a good fencing choice for that area.

To make aluminium fences, even more, weather-resistance, they can be powder coated to add an extra layer of protection.

The third reason why many home or business owners choose aluminium fence is that as it has low density. Meaning aluminium fencing is lightweight compared to other metals. However, being lightweight doesn’t mean its durability is affected. Therefore, transportation and installation of an aluminium fence are easier (at times cheaper) compared to the installation of steel fencing.

Aluminium fences, even though not as robust as steel fences, provide security to your home or business. They are not easy to breach. Additionally, these types of fences provide a visual appeal as they can be custom-made according to your fencing requirements. For example, old-style fences with ornaments, picket fences, slat fences and many others.

Lastly, you can recycle aluminium fences as they are 100 percent recyclable! Hence, purchasing an aluminum fence means you can minimise your environmental footprint.

aluminium slat gate

Cleaning an aluminium fence

When it comes to cleaning an aluminium fence, there are a few things to remember.

Regular cleaning is important. It is simple as aluminium will not rust. Thus, using water and cleaning products will do the job. For example, if you discover stains on your aluminum fence, simply use warm water with gentle dish soap to clean it. You can use a bristle brush to remove stains. Just make sure not to scrape forcefully. Then use a garden hose to spray the fence. Avoid using power washing as it can damage the fencing.

Regular inspections are also important as they allow detecting any damages to your aluminium fencing. What should you look for? Broken rails, loose posts or any other damages to your fence. You should aim to fix them as soon as detected to avoid further damage.

Lastly, prevention is the best measure when it comes to fence maintenance. Simple things as not leaving the gate open. It can damage the hinges or surrounding fence. Or cleaning the weeds near the fence or keeping other landscaping away from your aluminium fence can go a long way.

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