Colorbond Steel Gate & Protective Cage – By Diamond Fence.

Scroll down to see one of the latest Diamond Fence’s projects: Colorbond steel gate and protective cage in Epping, Melbourne.

Colorbond steel material finds such a wide variety of usage in many industries, starting from commercial roofing and ending with industrial Colorbond steel fencing. However, sturdy Colorbond steel roofs and fences are not the only Colorbond steel products out there. Below you can see one of the latest Diamond Fence’s projects: Colorbond steel gate and protective cage in Epping, Melbourne.

colorbond steel gate in melbourne epping

melbourne protective cage colorbond steel epping

brown colorbond steel gate in epping suburb melbourne

colorbond steel gate in melbourne epping

What are some of the reasons you would want to have a Colorbond steel security gate & protective cage anywhere in Melbourne?

1) Better looks for longerColorbond steel offers a wide variety of colours and the advanced paint technology that has been used to create Colorbond steel sheets, makes it very durable. Furthermore, the baked-on paint finish does not peel, chip or crack, making it a wise choice when installing security gates and protective cages.

2) Durability – the technology used to make COLORBOND® steel makes it one of the world’s strongest building materials. Hence, using Colorbond steel for gates and protective cages will serve its purpose – to protect what needs to be protected from the external factors.

3) Colorbond steel gates, protective cages and fencing offer you the privacy some other fencing and gate styles cannot. Being the material that is not see through, Colorbond steel gates, especially the protective cages, will keep the privacy by not exposing what is behind it.

4) What about the environmental footprint? When using Colorbond steel gates and protective cages, be it in Epping or any other suburb in Melbourne, you will also consider the environmental footprint (knowingly or not). How? Using Colorbond steel material leaves a smaller environmental footprint as the technology used to create Colorbond steel material uses fewer metal resources. Furthermore, since Colorbond steel has an increased lifespan, consequently, it leaves a smaller environmental footprint. Win-win!

If you have a project in mind that includes gates and/or protective cages and you are not sure about what material you should use, then turn to our fencing specialists. With 40+ years of experience, Diamond Fence will find the solution that will suit your exact fencing, gate or protective cage requirements.

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