Corten steel is a popular material choice for corten steel fencing, privacy screens and much more. It has many benefits which will be discussed in the following blog post.

What is corten steel?

Corten steel is also known as weathering steel. This steel is a group of steel alloys that were developed with the purpose to eliminate the need to paint it. Instead, it would form a rust-like appearance once it has been exposed to various weather conditions such as rain and wind over a prolonged period. Having a corten steel fencing that does not require any painting sounds like something that can make life just a bit easier!

Regardless, if your corten steel fencing looks rusty, it is still corrosion-resistant and thick. How come? The reason behind it is that the surface of the steel forms a protective oxide layer when it is exposed to the weather. Meaning by rusting, the steel protects itself. Even better, this protective surface layer continues to regenerate over the years due to exposure to weather.

Australian Steel is one of the leading Corten steel sheet suppliers in Melbourne as it provides Corten steel sheets to suit a range of applications, including corten steel fencing. If you are interested in where corten steel for your fencing comes from, please contact your fencing supplier. 

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Applications of corten steel, including corten steel fencing

What are some of the applications of corten steel besides corten steel fencing? As mentioned previously, corten steel is used for privacy screen panels. They can be either simple corten steel panels when a rusty look is what the property owner is after or decorative panels that have a pattern (cut out) to improve the aesthetic looks of its surroundings.

Corten steel sheets are also used to create outdoor sculptures or for large structural applications. For example, at MONA or ACCA. Additionally, these panels find usage in bridges, marine transportation, cladding and even garden edging if a rustic look is your preference.

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The benefits of corten steel

Corten steel panels, including corten steel fencing, offer various benefits. It is a very low-maintenance building/fencing material as this steel does require painting. As a matter of fact, if you paint your corten steel fencing, it will eliminate its corrosion resistance because the paint will prevent the protective film from forming over time.

Additionally, corten steel does not require any treatment like some fencing styles do (galvanizing, PVC) before the installation.

Most importantly, using corten steel will give it a unique industrial look.

Lastly, depending on the purpose of the corten steel plates, it can be a cost-effective choice. For example, cladding.

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