When It Comes To Driveway Gate Installation, Make Sure You Know All The Details

If driveway gate installation is on your to-do list, continue reading. If not, then continue reading as you might pick up some tips for your future home driveway gate installation when it comes to that. 

Driveway gate installation is important not only for the security reasons, but also for the aesthetic value. We’re not saying that your driveway gate must look like a gateway to heaven, but it definitely has to compliment your property, give it that warm suburban look (if this is the look you’re going for), or have that warning appearance that no one would want to try to trespass that driveway gate.

Here are some tips to get your driveway gate installation right!

1. Diamond Fence’s recommendation for metal fencing applies also to driveway gate installation – always use trusted fencing/gate contractor for your driveway gate installation. Why? Because that will guarantee that you’ll receive the best possible product on the market in addition to good customer service. There have been several cases where people have used unknown contractor and when the quality didn’t meet the demand, the contractor was nowhere to be found, or had many excuses to avoid the repairs of the faulty gate or fence, or replace the gate or the fence completely. When you turn to a trusted fence or gate installer, you know that they will provide what promised. How do you know that? Trust is built one day and one interaction at a time. And when it comes to Diamond Fence, we have been trusted for more that 40 years in Melbourne’s fencing industry, therefore you can trust that we’ll provide the best service and supply for your driveway gate installation!

2.  Driveway gate material. When it comes to driveway gate materials, there are some things to consider. Firstly the weight of the gate as it depends from the material used for the gate. Why is that important? Because your pillars and posts have to be strong enough to carry the weight of your driveway gate that will be constantly opening and closing. 

Driveway gate maintenance 
is greatly affected by the material used. For example wooden gates might require a little bit more care to fight the corrosion. They’d require stain treatment at least once a year.

When it comes to durability of your driveway gate, then here’s the expected years of life  from highest to lowest:

1. Metal Gates/ Wrought Iron Gates (20+ years)
2. Metal Framed Gates With Timber Fill  (20+ years)
3. Hardwood Gates (15+ years)
4. SoftWood Gates (10+ years)

As you can see from the above that installing a metal gate can add extra 5-10 years to the lifespan of your driveway gate. So when it will come to pricing and you think that wooden gates are cheaper, think twice, think longterm.

3. Automated or manual driveway gate. We are moving towards automatisation in many areas, and driveway gate is no exception. If the price point of your driveway gate is extremely important, then you’d better off with a manual driveway gate as it is a cheaper option. But if comfort and time are important factors, then automated driveway gate should be your go-to.

What to do if you have a manual gate, but you’ve realised that you’d save so much time, and in some cases also money, by having an automatic driveway gate? There are two options. Firstly you could contact a gate installer who offers automated gates and if applicable, they’d be able to upgrade your manual driveway gate. It is a case by case situation as gate installer would have to take a look to see if the upgrade from manual to automatic gate would be possible.

When it comes to automatic driveway gate, you also need to consider the power options. Some people forget to think about it before it’s too late. When the power supply is close by, then the problem can be solved quite quickly. What if you own a large property and there is no power supply near your driveway gate. Then you can install a driveway gate that runs on batteries. The risk is forgetting to check the batteries once in a while to make sure that they aren’t running low. 

To save you some money on running an automated driveway gate that is connected to the grid, you can use solar panel power as an alternative. Solar panels are great for saving money and the environment, especially if your driveway gate is used very frequently. 

4. Driveway gate style. When it comes to driveway gate style, you need to decide if you want sliding or swinging driveway gate. What’s the difference or which one should you prefer? It really comes down to the personal preference, but also the space you have surrounding your driveway. Some properties will not have room for a swinging driveway gate, and some on the opposite won’t have room for a sliding driveway gate. Each situation, or property is with unique characteristics. Therefore the decision if a swinging or sliding driveway gate may vary accordingly.

When it comes to swinging gates, there’s also an option to purchase a single swing or double swing gate.

Having a strong, good-looking driveway gate can actually add value to your property. The street appeal plays a great role when it comes to the value of the house, but of course the security of your house as well. Not only appropriate and sturdy fencing adds security to your property, but also your driveway gate. So make sure that when installing the gate yourself or having a trusted gate installer installing your driveway gate, you’ve chosen the appropriate gate for your home.  

If 20+ years of service from your metal driveway gate is appealing and you want either manual or automated steel gate, then Diamond Fence can help you out. With 40+ years experience in Melbourne fencing industry, we know how to provide the best fencing and gate installation service is the area!

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