Benefits Of Sunny Australia For Your Automatic Gate

Solar panels and an automatic gate opener? Not the two things you’d usually combine, but in todays’ world it’s actually more than common. Solar power, especially in a sunny Australia, is one of the popular energy sources. And solar automatic gate opener is no exception. This time let’s look into the solar power and how does solar automatic gate opener actually work. Diamond Fence offers high-security automatic steel gates and knowing the importance of energy saving, we also know the importance of solar power. So solar automatic gate openers here we go!

Let’s start with solar power. How does it actually work? Solar power is very popular and not only because it helps you to save heaps of money, especially living in a place where you have constant exposure to the sun, but it also helps to save the environment by lovering the pollution created by the burning different fossil fuels like coal, natural gas and oil for energy purposes. Burning of those fossil fuels is actually the largest source of emission of carbon dioxide, and this is one of the greenhouse gases that contributes to global warming, which is a huge issue nowadays. So of course it makes sense turning to solar power: saving the environment while saving your money! Win-win. And automatic gate is no exception. Starting with small things like solar automatic gate opener is exactly where you should start to benefit your wallet and our beloved Earth.

Okay, we got a bit off topic there. We still didn’t answer the question: how does solar power work or to be correct, how does solar power panel work? We’re going to use the help of Live Science. Solar panels work actually by allowing photons and particles of light to knock electrons free from atoms, generating a flow of electricity. Solar panels comprise a lot of smaller units called photovoltaic cells which…well now we can simply say…convert sunlight into electricity. So many cells that are linked together will make up a solar panel. We’ll not go more into depth of how solar panels work as we’ll leave this topic for another time. But all we need to know for this time being is that solar panels create electricity by converting the sun light into photovoltaic cells.

Before me move to solar automatic gate opener, le’t answer a simple question. What to do with your automatic gate opener when the sun sets? Does it mean that your automatic gate will stop working? And also while we’re talking about lack of solar power, let’s also answer the question: what to do when there’s not enough sunlight, when the season changes and it’s not summer anymore?

How does solar power work when the sun sets or if there’s not enough sunlight?
When the sun hits the solar panel, it is then converted into DC (direct current) electricity, which is then fed into a inverter. DC in other words unidirectional flow of electric charge (flows in a constant direction) is used in conductors like batteries and wires. In households we use AC electricity, meaning  alternating current electricity. That’s why solar panels need an inverter that will convert DC electricity into AC electricity. 

Most of the solar power systems in Australia are connected to the electricity grid, so because of that they require a grid feed inverter. This grid system allows you to use the solar power first and then only feed electricity into the feed if there’s a surplus of the electricity. Same happens when there’s not enough solar power to supply your home with electricity, any excess electricity you’re using is drawn from the grid accordingly. So don’t worry, you won’t be without the electricity, but of course you’d prefer the sunny days from the electricity point of view as it will keep your electricity bills lower…not totally zero… but lower!

Of course there are many applications for solar panels where it doesn’t really matter if the solar panels run our of the power. For example those garden lights that light up at night after being exposed to the sunlight. It’s not really important if they didn’t get enough of sunlight and don’t shine that bright at night as it’s not a matter of life and death. But it is important to have enough power to supply your solar automatic gate opener as you don’t want to be locked out when the solar power runs out, right.

Solar automatic gate opener – simply put this is a gate opener that is running on a solar power.
There are many different solar automatic gate openers out there, it’s just the matter of finding the right one for you. You can either choose the possibility to connect your solar panel to the electricity grid so when it really happens that the solar power runs out, your automatic gate will keep on running smoothly. There is also the possibility of using  solar automatic gate opener without connecting it to the electricity grid, but instead of that attaching long lasting and rechargeable batteries that will let your automatic gate opener operate without any issues in case of the low solar power.

Like we’ve mentioned that there are different possibilities for solar automatic gate openers, and also providers. Just contact Diamond Fence today, and together we’ll figure out what steel security gate you’re looking for and of course if it’s automatic then what automatic gate opener you want!

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