Have You Heard Of Electrified Palisade Fences As A Security Fencing Solution? No? Keep on reading!

Palisade security fencing is one of the popular security fencing solutions in Melbourne. But have you ever heard of electrified or electric palisade fencing? No? Yes? Regardless if you have any interest to learn something new about palisade fencing, keep on reading.

In today’s blog we’ll concentrate on electrified palisade fencing. And we’ll answer the following palisade fencing related questions.

1. What is palisade fencing?
2. What is electric or electrified palisade fencing?
3. Benefits of palisade and electrified palisade fencing?
4. When to install one or the other?
5. Using electrified palisade fencing

1. Let’s start nice and easy with a simple definition of palisade fencing. A palisade (stakewall or a palling) is usually a fence or a wall made out of either wooden or iron stakes, and is used as a defensive structure.

Being more interested in electrified palisade fencing, or palisade fencing overall, then let’s define palisade fencing. Palisade fence is a fence made out of painted mild steel, galvanized steel or aluminium palisades. The height of the fence is usually 2.4m, but can always be modified to the exact needs of the customer.

2. When it comes to electrified palisade fencing, simply add electricity to the palisade. The high voltage electric pulses are sent through the palisade at a frequency of one pulse per second (1Hz).

3. When it comes to the benefits of palisade fencing, there are few things to remember. Firstly the durability of the palisade fencing. Wooden palisade fencing not so much, but if the material used is either mild steel, galvanized steel or aluminium, then yes, it’s a very strong and durable security fencing solution for residential, commercial and industrial purposes. Galvanizing adds the ability for your fence to fight the corrosion, expanding its lifecycle noticeably. 

Palisade fencing can add aesthetic value to your home. You might be after palisade fencing, but not really keen to use wooden material. Then steel or aluminium palisade fencing might be right for you. You can choose silver galvanized steel, or similar to tubular steel fencing, palisade fencing can be powder coated into the colour of your preference. Powder coating not only gives you a chance to choose the colour, it also adds an extra protective layer against corrosion.

Electrified palisade fencing is for very high security reasons. Before rushing into installing electrified fence, there are few things you have to make sure of.

Firstly, if you are planning to purchase a fence from a fence supplier/installer, make sure that it’s a reputable fence provider. Diamond Fence‘s experience in the industry has helped us to build an excellent reputation throughout the region. We are members of the Master Builders Association and Chainlink Association, and we have a current EBA with the C.F.M.E.U. This way when turning to Diamond Fence,  you know you’re getting a service you can rely on.

Once it’s clear that the fence supplier you’re using has a good reputation and you can trust the quality of their services, you’ll also have to know if it’s allowed to install an electrified fence in your residential area. It’s not illegal to do so, but only when you have the permission of the local council. So before installing electric palisade fence, or any other electric fence, make sure that the fence meets all your local council criteria and Australian Standards.

4. When to install one or the other? You have to know the reason, why you’re planning to install either palisade fencing or electrified palisade fencing. Is it for residential area? Then non-electric palisade fence might do the job: keep people out of your property and at the same time look nice and welcoming. If there’s a need for higher security, but you still want palisade fencing, then electrified palisade fencing might be your solution. If your local council doesn’t allow you to install an electric fence, then you have to stick with the plan to install a non-electric palisade fence, or some other steel security fence.

Remember the cost of the fence installation as installing electric palisade fence is more expensive than installing a non-electric palisade fence. Also the electricity used for the electric fence is a continuous expense. There’s possibility to use solar power for supplying energy for your electric fence to keep the cost of electricity lower. Just think of the actual need of the electric fence and the cost of it (installing the fence and running costs).

5. There are many ways to use electrified palisade fences. In many countries they are used in places where the cost of the security personnel is high in relation to automated security equipment.

1. Prisons
2. Keeping away the wildlife in farming areas
3. Residential areas (if allowed by the council)
4. Industrial areas for a higher security

If you have an idea or the need to install palisade fence, turn to Diamond Fence. Our fencing specialists will be able to advise if that’s the best security fencing choice you could make, or maybe there are much better fencing solutions that would suit your needs!

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