Melbourne Metal Fence Powder Coating In It’s Full Glory

At Diamond Fence, we care about your safety. Therefore we provide sturdy and top-quality security metal fences in Melbourne. But we also care about the environment. We recently wrote whole lot about using the “green” and earth friendly powder coating in one of our blog posts. But we still feel that a short blog post did not do it justice and there are some extra things to say about the powder coating and it’s benefits.

With the last blog post we established that powder coating is environmentally friendlier because unlike regular liquid paints, it doesn’t contain solvent to turn the paint’s binder and filler parts into a liquid form.  As we also learned, this solvent evaporates into the air while the paint is drying or even later when it’s ageing. And while evaporating, solvent releases VOCs, which can make a localised air pollution and can have a variety of long-term health impacts.

The above reason is the primary reason why we, at Diamond Fence, prefer powder coating. NO SOLVENT = NO AIR POLLUTION from painting our fences.

What are some of the other reasons?

Second reason is that when using powder coating while painting metal fences, less hazardous waste is created than when using wet paint. Usually liquid paint produces hazardous waste when retouching and when disposing the paint. So when you make a mistake using a wet paint, you will need to use a solvent (once again!) to correct the defects that might have occurred during the initial painting. It’s costly and at the same time not so environmentally friendly. Also wet paint has to be disposed properly, which can also be expensive and can take your precious time you could use on something more productive.

But when you make a painting mistake while using powder coating, you can simply wipe the part clean or use compressed air to remove uncured powder and reapply it. Easy! And no special safety equipment is needed.

Recycle,Recycle,Recycle! Cannot stress that word/action/behaviour/lifestyle enough! Did you know that you can recycle powder? Applying powder coating has initially two stages. Firstly applying the powder coat with the electrostatically charged powder gun, and then once the powder is on your steel fence, metal fence or any other object, it has to be cured inside a powder coating oven to melt the powder, creating a very durable bond protecting the metal underneath.

But as life isn’t perfect, neither can you calculate perfectly how much powder will you need to cover a specific item, therefore the usage of excessive powder occurs. But the best thing is that you can recycle using powder reclamation process. So you can save a significant amount of powder overspray this way.

An extra reason to use powder coating is that it’s considered as a non-toxic coating and does not present spill hazard, therefore does not require an investment in a separate storage room.

Here you go! Some extra reasons to use powder coating instead of the liquid paint. At Diamond Fence, we prefer that type of coating for our  metal fences, gates, be they security fences, tubular steel fences or gates, maybe welded mesh panels, or even safety barriers powder coated in yellow to stand out and give a clear sign of the possible safety threat.

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