Expanded metal mesh fencing (at first glance) can look like chain link fencing, also known as chain wire fencing and diamond fencing, amongst many. However, when you take a closer look, it is fundamentally different.

What is the difference between expanded metal mesh fencing and chain wire fencing? While chain link mesh is made out of steel wire that has been either galvanized or PVC coated (usually green or black plastic coating), expanded metal mesh is produced from solid sheets (either carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminium or other metals). Chain link mesh is created by intertwining steel wire into a zig-zag pattern creating popular diamond-shaped fencing. The expanded metal mesh is made by simultaneously slitting and stretching the sheet, expanding the slits into diamond-shaped holes (all have a uniform size, shape and regularity). Additionally, as expanded metal sheets are made from a solid sheet of metal, you can not unravel it.

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Benefits of expanded metal mesh fencing

#1 Expanded metal fences are strong

As the intersections between the strands of mesh are not cut during production, it means that the fencing would be much stronger compared to chain link fencing. It will not bend and it is rigid!

#2 Expanded metal panels are hard to cut

While chain link fences can be easily (almost) cut, cutting expanded wire mesh fencing panels is not an easy job. Chain link fences, once cut, can be unravelled, while unravelling expanded metal panels would be a mission that would fail. Even bolt cutters would not cut through the thick metal that expanded metal fences are made of.

#3 Expanded mesh fences are corrosion resistant

As expanded mesh fences are usually made out of a variety of metals, such as aluminium or galvanized steel, these materials have high corrosion resistance. For example, galvanizing provides a protective coating that can protect from corrosion. Please note that if the zinc coating is damaged (scratched) deep enough, the metal underneath will be exposed to external factors (rain, moisture, air), leading to possible corrosion. Aluminium, on the other hand, forms a natural oxide layer when it has been exposed to water and air. Hence, it naturally shields itself from rusting.

#4 The production process makes the expanded metal fencing an environmentally friendly option

Due to the cutting process used to make expanded metal sheets, there is no metal lost through the expansion, making expanded metal fencing an environment-friendly fencing alternative.

#5 They are hard to climb

Depending on the chain link mesh (diamond) size, climbing it can be made either easier or more difficult. The smaller the opening, the harder it is to climb it. When it comes to expanded metal fences, they are hard to climb due to the fact that it is extremely difficult to find a toehold to climb the fence.

#5 Expanded metal fencing simply looks good!

You can achieve the looks you desire thanks to the manufacturing process that allows creating desired (specific) effects. You can choose a suitable gap size and colour!

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