If you feel that your fence might need a slight touchup before the good weather turns into typical Melbourne weather, meaning rainy and windy, this blog post might be just right for you. We will share some fence painting safety tips!

We, Diamond Fence, are a known steel fencing provider. Hence, we will concentrate on steel fencing painting advice.

What is the purpose of painting the metal?

Regardless if the metal that needs new paint coating is your metal fence, balcony railing, handrail or any other object, the purpose of painting the metal is safety and decoration. By safety, we mean protecting the metal from environmental factors. Corrosion (rust) is not a problem you would like to have. It can become quite costly to get rid of the rust or replace the whole thing overall.

When it comes to decoration, the name says it all. When painting your metal fence, handrail or balcony railing, most likely you will choose the colour that suits the surrounding environment. Thus, adding that modern or elegant appearance.

melbourne steel paining safety tips

Paining safety hazards

Paining might seem like an easy project to undertake. However, you need to know that there are some potential hazards to consider. Some of the important ones to remember are that you are working with toxic chemicals, potentially with power tools and ladders (depending on the height of your fence).

TIP #1

Be careful when working with old paint as it might contain lead. Lead is a toxic metal. Its different compounds are added to paint as a pigment. It allows having a specific colour. For example, lead (II) carbonate. It is also known as white lead. It makes the paint a white or cream colour.

Furthermore, lead-based paints are used because the heavy metal additives decrease paint’s drying time, making it more durable and moisture resistant.

Why should we be careful with lead? Because it is toxic and exposure to lead can lead to health problems. For example, convulsions. It also affects the nervous system, brain, blood cells and kidneys. Hence, if you are dealing with old paint, check the paint before painting to see if the paint you are using contains any lead.


When you are painting your fence, you may think working at heights safety tips will not apply. However, if your fence is high enough that you need to use the ladder to reach the highest points of your fencing, you need to be mindful of the ladder. Many injuries are caused by falls from ladders. Thus, make sure that the ladder you are using is in good shape (not bent or crooked). The legs of the ladder have to be on an even surface. This way they will not rock back and forth or side to side while you are stepping/standing on the ladder. It is a recipe for disaster. Furthermore, if the ladder you are using has cross braces, make sure you lock them.

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Use the protective gear! We cannot stress that enough. The fence painting project includes not only painting but also the preparation of the surrounding space, sanding and scraping. Hence, you should wear protective gloves, a dust mask and safety goggles. In some cases, depending on what paint you are using, you may need to wear an approved respirator. For example, when working with solutions that contain chemicals (paint strippers or cleaners). The respirator should be worn at all times when working in confined spaces that cannot be properly ventilated.

Tip #4

Proper use of tools is essential. If you do not have experience handling the necessary tools used during your project, make sure to read the instructions, let someone experienced show you the proper way of using the tools or let the professional do the work instead. Be especially careful with sharp and power tools. Do not put the tools on top of the ladder, keep them out of children’s reach and do not leave the power on when not using the tool.

The above tips are the four main ones to remember and follow before any metal fencing job. Preparation is the key!

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