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Dimond Fencing are your local Fencing contractors in Port Melbourne. Specialising in all kinds of fencing and gates. Offering quality service, excellent workmanship Diamond Fencing are here to help. We cater to all fencing matters from commercial. Residential through to industrial fencing. Operating since 1978, Diamond Fence Australia has been your trusted name and premier local fencing specialists.

Regardless if you are a small business owner, or own a multi-million dollar business. Diamond Fence we will come up with the solutions and our team are experts at what they do. We will discuss and share the pros and cons of different fences to ensure that the one you are getting best suits your needs. For example getting a Security Steel Palisade Fencing. If you don’t want the chain wire or tubular steel took. Or maybe we can help you out with Made-to-Measure Window Guards for Extra Security. Or looking into Wire or Razor wire if you need a security Fence that has an extra security measurement. That is a bit strong and harder to climb over.

Industrial fencing in Port Melbourne

At Diamond Fence, we take pride in all the commercial & industrial fencing solutions to protect your industrial or commercial property.  We continuously strive to offer the best commercial fencing and industrial fencing in Melbourne to meet all your fencing requirements is something we are really proud of.  Whether you require a chain link security fence, welded mesh fence, tubular steel fence or other kind of boundary steel fence. Contact us today as we will be more than happy to provide all the information on our industrial & commercial fencing in Melbourne.

We offer 385 Secrityfor commercial fencing and industrial circuitry fencing in Port Melbourne

  • Prisons
  • Electrical Substations
  • Railway Yards
  • High-Security Facilities

Diamond Fence is one of the most trusted fencing contractors and fencing companies in Melbourne. Our team are experts in what they do, and they are always here and happy to help out as best they can.

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