Fencing Victoria’s Rural & Regional Areas Since 1978

Diamond Fence might be known in Melbourne suburbs as one of the trusted fencing companies on the market, but when it comes to fencing in  Victoria’s rural and regional areas, we are also known to our customers outside of the Melbourne city borders. Diamond Fence has been working on many fencing projects in rural and regional Victoria and is known for its good reputation.

Diamond Fence is located in Knoxfiled, but when it comes metal fencing projects in rural and regional Victoria, we have no limits.

What kind of fencing types do we install in rural and regional Victoria? To find out more about our fencing services, you can take a look at our Services webpage, or simply give us a call on 03 9753 4566.

We’ll mention some popular rural and regional fencing types in Victoria.

Number 1, of course, is the chain wire fencing. It’s a very widely used fencing type to surround your farm, making sure your animals are safe and sound from the wild life, and won’t be able to run away.  You may also know it as chain link fencing, chained mesh fencing, cyclone fencing or diamond fencing.

Whether it’s for domestic or commercial use, Diamond Fence offers chair wire as follows:

1. Galvanized chain wire –  galvanizing protects your chain wire from corrosion, giving it a longer life span.
2. Green or black PVC coated chain wire. PVC coating protects it also from corrosion. PVC coating is also good for sports fencing as it can protect the ball from getting scratched when it hits the chain wire fence.

Chain wire fencing is one of the most popular fencing types as it’s one of the cheapest one and can cover a long distance without getting too costly.

Number 2, tubular steel fencing. Diamond Fence offers tubular steel fencing and also tubular steel gates. So let’s say you have installed chain wire fence around your farm area, but you need something stronger and something that has a bit better looks to be installed around your house, then tubular steel might be the fencing type that will tick those boxes. It can be powder coated into the colour you like and that powder coating not only gives it the looks you are looking for, but it also protects the fence or the gate from corrosion. Win-win.

Number 3, welded mesh fencing, and as we know, the main function of  welded mesh fencing is to create a boundary or border around a certain area – whether that is a building, park or school. It is not considered a high-security solution as its purpose is more to define specific areas clearly. Diamond Fence’s welded mesh is available in heights from 900mm to 1800mm and can be powder coated in a variety of colours. And similar to tubular steel fencing, powder coating will protect your welded mesh from corrosion.

Number 4, Colorbond fencing, a fencing type that is strong, sturdy and beautiful. Please note that Diamond Fence offers Colorbond fencing only for industrial or commercial purposes.  It is difficult for potential trespassers to climb Colorbond fences, being high-security, and it’s offering extremely high level of privacy. This makes it an increasingly popular solution for commercial and industrial applications throughout Greater Melbourne and Regional Victoria. 

These are just a few fencing types offered by Diamond Fence for rural areas in Victoria. If have an idea of what fencing type you want, or even if you don’t, contact us and together we’ll find the best fencing solution for you!

Diamond Fence is one of the trusted fencing companies in Melbourne, therefore don’t hesitate and contact us today! We’ll help you out! Call us on (03) 9753 4566, shoot us an email on info@diamondfence.com.au, or just get a FREE online quote.