Fencing Melbourne Suburbs For More Than Four Decades!

Diamond Fence celebrated its 41st birthday! I’s been more than 4 decades Diamond Fence has been offering fencing services for various Melbourne suburbs! We are so proud to have worked with so many fencing clients, and have established close relationship with many of you, and we definitely hope for many successful, full of quality fencing, decades to come!

What has been the key to Diamond Fence’s success? What has allowed us to be there for so many fencing customers in so many different Melbourne suburbs?

1. Quality, and not only in the materials we use, but in the services we provide. Diamond Fence uses materials for fencing services in Melbourne suburbs that comply with Australian Standards.  We are also members of the Master Builders Association and Chainlink Association, and we have a current EBA with the C.F.M.E.U. Why is it important? Quality, quality, and once more – quality! It is so important for us to provide the best fencing services for Melbourne suburbs, either be it for residential houses, commercial swimming pools or industrial premises. With Diamond Fence you know you’re getting the fencing service you can rely on!

Material used is one side of the quality offered to Melbourne suburbs. We also take pride in our fencing customer service. People are the heart of our business. Our fencing team has very experienced fencing experts, therefore we know that the fencing services provided to our fencing customers are the services they can be happy and satisfied with.

2. Not what, but who? Our people – our team! We already mentioned the quality of our customer service. The people we have in our team take always an extra step to advise the best possible fencing solution. We add a sense of humour, positive attitude and care to the fencing projects we undertake. We want our fencing business to be positive inside out. It starts with our positive team and ends with our positive and happy fencing customers!

3. Word of mouth! Our clients, being happy with the fencing services we’ve provided, have recommended us to the people and businesses they know. Having a pleasant experience with us,  they wanted their friends to have as good fencing experience as they had with us.

4. Constant development has been always an important aspect of our business. We are always up to date with the latest fencing news. Our team is also attending local and international fencing seminars, fairs and meetings. We want to educate ourself with the latest fencing technologies and materials available in order to provide the best possible fencing services to our customers.

5. Culture and beliefs. Diamond Fence has a deep belief in a happy working environment. We treat all our customers and employees with respect and care. We want our people to know they are valued!

6. Fair competition in the market. Diamond Fence offers a competitive pricing without giving in on the quality of the products offered. Therefore you know that you get good fencing for a good price.

Diamond Fence has offered fencing for Melbourne suburbs for more than four decades. With amazing team and wonderful fencing customers, we hope for many successful fencing decades to come! Thank you!

If you think that Diamond Fence is the fencing company for you, no matter what Melbourne suburb you’re living in, you can always contact us and we’ll find the right fencing solution for you.

For Diamond Fence’s fencing solutions give us a call  (03) 9753 4566, shoot us an email on info@diamondfence.com.au, or just get a FREE online quote.