Put Swimming Pool Fence Repairs On Your To-Do-List

Warmer weather is just around the corner. Summer will be here so fast, you won’t even notice! This is why today we decided to focus on fixing rusty steel fence posts around your swimming pool. Fixing is the easiest and cheapest way to prolong the life of your steel fence so you can enjoy the upcoming warmer days.

Steel fence posts around your swimming pool are very prone to be affected by the corrosion due to their location. Being outside all year round, rain and overall moisture will make sure that your steel posts will be affected and the result is rust.

Before rushing to fix anything, think about the material your swimming pool steel fence is made of. There are a few options:

1. Glass – glass is very elegant and good looking solution for the swimming pool fencing, be it for domestic or commercial purposes. Glass is visually most appealing, and while letting you have the view of the surroundings, it still offers that safety barrier to keep you safe. Glass might be very luxurious fencing type, but it’s also the most expensive one, both installing and repairing if needed.

2. Mesh – mesh pool fencing is a much cheaper option compared to the glass pool fencing, and it is also much easier to install, uninstall and get repaired. It can offer also a great look and aesthetic value to your home as it comes in many different colours and styles, and all the measurements can be adjusted to the way you need it.

3. Aluminium – aluminium pool fencing can be considered as the smartest and best choice of them all (if not to consider the looks as some people prefer glass pool fencing, or mesh pool fencing), as aluminium fencing overall, is most durable and low maintenance. This is the strongest pool fencing types! It is easy to install as it is pretty light-weight. But do keep in mind that aluminium pool fencing requires frequent cleaning, and of course some repairs.

4. Tubular steel tubular steel pool fencing is also one of the popular choices as tubular steel can be powder coated into the colour you like, giving it the looks you want on top of the choices of different styles, but this powder coating also protects your fence from corrosion, and that is very important due to the constant exposure to corrosion.

Regardless of the material you have used for your pool fencing, it will be affected by corrosion over time and will need some care.

We will start with aluminium because as you know, it does not rust but it doesn’t mean that it won’t need any maintenance at all. Yes, you can give it a frequent was to get rid of the dirt, but aluminium pool fence does corrode, it just looks a little bit different than the rust you see on metal fencing.

Aluminium is prone to corrosion, and by aluminium fence corrosion we mean aluminium oxide, this is a very hard material that protects aluminium from further corrosion. How come? Well, the process of aluminium corrosion is known as oxidation, and as a result, you will get aluminium oxide that is a hard thin layer protecting aluminium from further corrosion. This is why aluminium is a good choice for pool fencing.

After oxidation, aluminium fence will be covered with a dull grey to powdery white colour, and therefore it is not as easy to notice it compared to the rusted iron. Often your aluminium fence will be covered with dust, calcium oil and grease and giving it a rinse will not work. This is where you have to use something a bit stronger. There are many cleaning liquids for aluminium fence and your best bet would get to your hardware store and ask for an advise. Or in this case, Google can be your friend. An example is Flitz Aluminum Pre-Clean.

What we need to know about iron corrosion, is that it changes the colour and it does expand! Meaning you have to take care of it if you notice any patches of rust, and that applies to your swimming pool posts.

Those red rust flakes might be on the post itself, or the attachments, so pay attention. What to do once you’ve discovered rust? You need to neutralise it, and the same as for aluminium fence, some solutions will neutralise the rust. Your hardware store will help you out here as well.

We don’t want to double as we have written about the metal fence restoration and that applies to the metal pool posts as well, as the material is the same.

So don’t hesitate and read the blog post here: Metal Fence Restoration!

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