Is It a Smart Idea To Have Flower Beds Against The Colorbond Steel Fence?

You like the way your Colorbond steel fence looks. You decide to make it look even better and plan to place a flower bed right against it. Is it a good idea? Should you install flowerbeds against the Colorbond steel fence? Let’s see.

BlueScope Steel Australia will help us out. They are a global leader in premium branded coated and painted steel products, the third-largest manufacturer of painted and coated steel products in the world. Their products brands are COLORBOND®, Clean COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME® steels, to name some of the few.

Being the proud manufacturer of Colorbond steel, BlueScope Steel Australia has good information to share when it comes to building flower beds against your Colorbond Steel Fence.

Should you install flower beds against the Colorbond steel fence?

The answer is no. Why? According to BlueScope Steel Australia, it is discouraged, quite strongly, to place the soil right against the COLORBOND® steel as corrosion of the COLORBOND® steel sheeting will occur considerably fast in the areas the soil has been placed.

Moisture is one of the biggest enemies of your Colorbond steel fence. When having flower beds against the Colorbond steel fence, you need to consider constant watering of the flower beds, hence, creating a perfect environment for corrosion.

Therefore, if you want your Colorbond fence to last longer, avoid creating a good environment for corrosion to occur. That means, try to avoid grass cuttings, leaves, sand, compost and also soil (no flower beds against the Colorbond steel fence) building up against the Colorbond steel fencing.

Is there an alternative? What to do when you really want to install flower beds near the Colorbond steel fence as that location seems to be perfect for them?

You can put in an effort and try to create a barrier between the Colorbond fence and the flower bed. You need to make sure that the moisture won’t get to steel to avoid corrosion. It’s not an impossible one to do, but definitely requires more effort.

If that doesn’t sound something you would want to do, then, for example, you can buy pre-made Colorbond steel flower beds. Yes, they do exist. For example, Tankworks Australia Pty Limited offers round raised garden beds that are built from high-grade Colorbond steel.

Their various garden beds have a five-year warranty. They use AQUAPLATE® food-grade polymer-coated steel that is specifically designed so you can use the flower beds even for growing your vegetables.

There are countless types of flower beds out there. You can Google Search, or ask your local gardening or hardware store.

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