A Multipurpose Garden Fence 

Garden fences for better looks? That is not the only reason the garden fence can be useful. A garden fence can be many things: a high-security protective fence, something that adds something extra to enhance the appearance of the garden you have been working on for a long time or something you have installed with a purpose to create a little haven in your backyard so you can relax, have a BBQ or a birthday party without having anyone to interrupt the social fun.

When it comes to garden fencing, there are many choices available: steel fencing, planter box fencing, natural timber fencing, picket fencing, bamboo fencing, vertical garden fencing or modular walls, out of many.

However, Diamond Fence, being one of the leading steel fencing experts in Melbourne, today, we will concentrate on steel fencing as one of the garden fencing solutions.

Steel fencing can be timeless classics to enhance your garden in any Melbourne suburb. It is you who is in charge of fencing decisions such as if the design is going to be classic or modern. With Diamond Fence fencing, the design, measurements and even the colour of the fence are yours to decide.

Now, we have justly praised the steel fencing as a garden fencing solution. It’s time to look at your options when it comes to steel garden fences.

The first and, of course, the most popular fencing choice is tubular steel fencing. Why may you ask? The appearance is the primary reason. Tubular steel fencing offers that modern aesthetic looks. More of a classics look you are after for your garden fencing? No problem! Tubular steel fencing can be turned into classic fencing with metal ornaments.

Tubular steel fence is also a comparatively cheaper fencing option and it will last for decades. How come is it so durable? Firstly, the material, the steel, is known for its strength, versatility and corrosion-resistant capabilities. A few other factors play a role in the steel fence’s lifespan.

Firstly, the quality of the material. The higher the steel quality, logically, the longer it will last. When you use Diamond Fence fencing supplies or fencing services, you can be assured that we are using high-quality steel to deliver the best fencing services in Melbourne!

Secondly, when it comes to steel fencing lifespan, the usage has a part to play. The more you use it, the faster wears and tears will occur and can shorten the life of your steel fence.

Thirdly, care and maintenance are essential as even though steel fences are corrosion resistant, it is still necessary to show them some love by cleaning them once in a while to make sure the dirt and debris are not stuck to it, creating a perfect moist environment for corrosion.

Lastly, on top of the ability to choose the measurements and the ornaments, tubular steel fencing, be it for industrial fencing or domestic fencing purposes, allows you to choose the colour you like. That is done mostly through powder coating, which additionally adds an extra layer of protection against corrosion.

The second popular fencing choice is the Colorbond steel fence. How does it differ from tubular steel fencing when installed as a garden fence? The number one reason is noise reduction and privacy. Since Colorbond steel fences are not see-through, they offer a better noise reduction. At the same time, they protect your premises from the eyes of the people passing by. Sounds good?

Additionally, the Colorbond fence is a durable option and requires minimal care. You don’t need to paint it. Just make sure, just as with the tubular steel fencing, that you are giving it an occasional wash.

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However, if you are using Colorbond steel fence as a garden fence, you need to be aware of the flower beds as installing one against your Colorbond steel fence can create a perfect environment for corrosion.

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Flower beds against Colorbond steel fence.

These are the most popular steel garden fences in Melbourne. Some other choices, offered by Diamond Fence, are chain link fencing, welded mesh fencing and with growing popularity, Modwood fencing. If there are any other steel fencing solutions you are looking for, you can turn to our fencing experts who are here to help you out!

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