It is relatively simple to determine the type of material of the fencing by its name. For example, tubular steel fencing, just like the name says it, is made of tubular steel. Or Colorbond steel fencing is made out of Colorbond steel. The list goes on. However, if we say Garrison fencing, you may have to use Google to find out what fencing type and material used is behind Garrison fences. Instead of Google, we will help you out.

What is Garrison fencing?

Garrison fencing is actually a popular fencing choice. It is a fence made of welded tubular steel panels. These tubular steel panels are then bolted between fixed posts. Why do people turn to Garrison fencing? Because, as we may know from our previous blog posts, tubular steel fencing is aesthetically pleasing. This is why Garrison fences find a lot of applications in commercial areas, public swimming pools, community sports clubs, recreating centres and even schools.

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The security level of the Garrison fence

As we know, tubular steel is a very sturdy fencing material. Therefore, Garrison fencing is considered medium security fencing. To make it more secure, fencing ornaments, such as aggressive and sharp edges, can be added to make the climb over the fence more dangerous for unwanted guests.

The difference between Garrison fencing and palisade fencing

Both Garrison Fences and palisade fences are very popular choices in the fencing market. However, when it comes to security, as mentioned previously, Garrison fencing is considered a medium-security fence, while palisade fencing is high-security fencing. Why? Because palisade fencing is usually made of heavy-duty rolled steel pickets that are individually bolded onto steel rails, making it a more secure fencing option.

While Garrison fences find more application at commercial swimming pools or community clubs, palisade fences are frequently installed at train and bus depots and even electrical sub-stations.

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The difference between Garrison fencing and chain link fencing

One of the pros of chain link fencing is that it is highly versatile. It is also a low-cost fencing alternative (budget-friendly). Thus, being a cost-effective security fencing solution, it is easy to repair. It is durable as in most cases it is hot-dip galvanized wire or/and PVC coated for extra protection. Just keep in mind that if your chain wire is galvanized for protection purposes from corrosion, if scratched deep enough, your chain wire will be exposed to external factors. Therefore, it will be exposed to corrosion.

Garrison fencing, on the other hand, is a more expensive fencing alternative. However, it will provide you with better security. As chain mesh can be easily cut with tools (e.g, bolt cutters), Garrison fencing is more suitable in areas requiring higher security.

Additionally, chain link fencing may not be suitable in places where looks matters. For example, you would not want to install it in commercial swimming pools. As aesthetic looks matter, the colour choice may matter as well. Keep in mind that chain wire has a limited colour choice. Even if it is plastic coated. For example, Diamond Fence offers black and green plastic coated chain wire.

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