Planning Home Improvement By Installing A New Steel Fence?

When you think about home improvement, you may think about adding some comfort to your existing home by upgrading heating, ventilation or doing some repair works, such as replacing old windows or old wallpaper in your kitchen. Whatever is the case, when it comes to home improvement in Melbourne suburbs, you should also think about steel fencing. Steel fencing for home improvement in Melbourne suburbs? Definitely! An appropriate steel fencing is there to offer the highest security and add aesthetic value to your home.

Assumably, your home improvement plan includes the installation of a new steel fence. However, you are not sure what steel fence would be the best solution for you. Let’s look at some of the options below.

Your first option might be TUBULAR STEEL FENCING. It is one of the most popular fencing solutions in Melbourne. How come? Firstly, because it is strong enough to last for decades (depending on the surrounding environment). The long-lasting result depends, of course, on the maintenance. However, it is good to know that tubular steel fences require low maintenance. Giving it an occasional rinse with water or scrub if the dirt has stuck to it and making sure that no debris has gathered at the bottom of the fence is all it needs.

Another reason why it is a popular fencing type is because of stylistic control. By that we mean that since the tubes can be customized to suit the needs of the customer, beginning from the size and finishing with the colour, it allows tailoring tubular steel fence to exact requirements of the residential homes in Melbourne suburbs.

Since tubular steel fences are painted using powder coating that allows choosing the appropriate colour, that coating also adds extra protection against corrosion, consequently adding extra years to the life span of the tubular steel fencing.

Another popular fencing solution in Melbourne suburbs is COLORBOND STEEL FENCING. Why is it popular? It is high-security fencing because it is very hard to climb over the Colorbond steel fence. Also, it is not a see-through fence, offering excellent privacy by separating you from your neighbours without them being able to see what is going on on the other side of the Colorbond steel fence.

Colorbond steel is offered in 14 different colours. Additional benefits of installing Colorbond steel fence is that the fence won’t rot or be eaten by termites. The maintenance of the Colorbond steel fencing is relatively easy as you don’t have to spend time on painting, oiling or replacing palings. Just give it an occasional rinse with water to keep it clean from the dirt and debris.

However, please note that Diamond Fence offers Colorbond steel fencing only for industrial and commercial fencing projects and not the domestic ones.

If the aesthetic value is not the priority and you need a fencing solution just to create a boundary or border around a certain area, you can turn to WELDED MESH. The height and the colour can be customised to suit your special fencing requirements, just as with other fencing solutions offered by Diamond Fence.

Not so popular for domestic purposes, yet a possible fencing option is CHAIN WIRE FENCE made out of steel wire. It is a cheaper fencing option while still providing the security you need, however, not as high as it would be with tubular steel or Colorbond steel fencing. Nonetheless, when it comes to chain wire fencing, the steel wire is usually hot-dip galvanized to give it extra protection against corrosion. Furthermore, PVC coated chain wire can also be used. PVC coating offers additional protection from the corrosion. Diamond Fence offers PVC coated chain wire in two colours: green and black. They are the most popular colours as they blend right into the surrounding environment.

When you have chosen your fencing type, you have to also think about GATES. You may want your gates to have the same fencing style as the rest of your fence or you may want to mix two different fencing styles. For example, chain wire fence and tubular steel gates, or Colorbond fencing and tubular steel gates. It’s your decision of what kind of fencing and gates you want, Diamond Fence will make sure to deliver.

When it comes to the gates, you also have to think if you want automatic or manual gates. It will depend on the budget and the surrounding environment as you need to make sure that there is enough space for the gate. For example, you need to consider is if you want a single or double swinging gate, or sliding gate instead.

The above-mentioned fencing styles are not the only possible steel fencing solutions for your home improvement in Melbourne suburbs. To find out more, contact our fencing experts today!

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