Want To Keep Your Colorbond Steel Fence Looking New For A Longer Period?

When purchasing something, you want to make sure it will last you as long as possible. Colorbond steel fence is no different. This is why today we will look into Colorbond steel fencing characteristics and will answer the question: how fast does the Colorbond steel fence fade?

As we may know, BlueScope has been supporting the Australian industries with its diverse line of steel products sine 1915. Colorbond steel is one of its most known brands: COLORBOND®, Clean COLORBOND®.

They have also helped to answer our posed question about Colorbond steel fence fading. The answer is that yes, it will fade. How fast? That’s a different story. And as in many cases, the answer is: it depends.

Colorbond steel has several different layers including a metallic coating to provide resistance against corrosion, then a pretreatment layer that optimises the adhesion of other layers applied onto it in the further process, then primer, and then a topcoat that has been baked onto the steel with all the previously mentioned layers. It doesn’t chip, flake or blister and the nice finish should last a long time.

How long? The unfortunate fact is that no matter what material, if it’s coloured, it will fade when it has been exposed to UV light. It may be your car, the roof, and in our case, the Colorbond steel fence. The timeline of the fading depends on the material itself and then the colour of it. For example, darker colours will fade faster as it is much more noticeable when they will start to change colour. As we may also know, darker colours absorb more heat as they absorb more light energy than lighter colours.

Therefore, the environment plays a great role in how fast your Colorbond steel fence will fade. The location is important. Let’s say if the fence is located somewhere where it doesn’t get much sunlight, then it will fade slower than the Colorbond steel fence that is exposed to UV and constantly is absorbing the light energy.

What to do when your Colorbond steel fence has faded? It can be restored by re-painting the Colorbond steel. Make sure, no matter what fencing expert will be completing the re-painting job, that the re-painting will be done in compliance with the BlueScope Steel guidelines for overpainting: Technical Bulletin 2.

If your Colorbond steel fence has faded to the extent that you think of replacing it, then you can turn to us, Diamond Fence. We have been offering high-quality industrial Colorbond steel fencing in Melbourne for many years and will gladly help you out with the supply and installation of your new Colorbond steel fencing.

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