We are very eager to write about different fencing types in Melbourne. This time, we will take the time to write about something very important! Especially if you are a proud owner of a swimming pool, and particularly if you have children. It has still lots to do with fencing and gates. Today we will write about the NATIONAL CHECK YOUR POOL GATE MONTH.

What is it? Good question!

If you didn’t know, December is National Check Your Pool Gate Month. The statistic shows that 12 Australian toddlers drowned in the swimming pool in 2018/2019, and the main cause was the faulty gates and fences. Therefore, Laurie Lawrence, a former Australian Olympic Swimming Coach and also a child water safety advocate, calls everyone to check their swimming pool gates and fences in December. Hence, put it on your to-do list right at the beginning of the summer.

According to the statistic, gates are to blame as they have been either unlocked or faulty. Also, drowning took place during the warmer months, consequently it makes sense to have December as the national ‘check your pool gate’ month.

Are the faulty gates and fencing statistically significant when it comes to drowning reports? Yes! The statistic shows that 39.3% of children’s drownings between 2002-2017 in New South Wales were due to the broken fences and gates!

Now, once we have your attention as we know how important it is to check your pool gate and fence, let’s take a look at how to check the safety of the surroundings of your pool.

But before we continue, I just wanted to let you know that you can also download the safety checklist at

Making the area safe for toddlers (aged 0-4):

  1. How high is your swimming pool gate? Is it at least 1.2m?
  2. How high off the ground is the gate latch mechanism? Is it at least 1.5m?
  3. How big is the gap between the bottom of the fence pool and the ground? Make sure it’s not more than 10 cm!
  4. How big is the spacing between the gate or the fence bars? Make sure it’s not more than 10 cm!
  5. Remove any items (tables, chairs, plants) that children could use to climb over the swimming pool gate or fence.

To be safe, answer the following pool and fence safety questions:

  1. In which direction does your swimming pool gate open? Is it outwards and away from the pool?
  2. Is the gate opening mechanism at least 1.5m off the ground level?
  3. Have you made sure that your gate is self-latching and self-closing?
  4. Have you checked if the gate hinges haven’t been affected by corrosion and they are rust-free, so the closing of the gate is not affected?
  5. Can the gate be closed from any angle?
  6. Do you know if your swimming pool gate and fence comply with all Australian Standards for pool safety?

These are just a few questions to answer. For the full checklist, please go to

It’s December, you have a swimming pool – please check the gate and the fence for the sake of your family!

If you have noticed that one or the other, or both are faulty, turn to Diamond Fence. We can help you with gate and fence repairs.

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