Replacing Hinges On Metal Gates In Melbourne

Metal gates, especially the ones that are used regularly, may one day seem too loose, squeaky, not opening properly or requiring too much force to open. Then it might be the right time to fix the hinges on your metal gates. Below you will find steps on how to replace hinges on metal gates.


Firstly, you have to find out whether your metal gate hinges are the ones causing the problem. The reason might be something else instead. For example, wobbling gate posts, debris or loose objects beneath the metal gate that prevent the metal gate from opening and closing properly.

Once you have checked and secured that none of the above-mentioned factors affect the functioning of your metal gates, check the hinges. Sometimes it is enough to oil the hinges on your metal gates as that will help them to run smoother. However, if the hinges are affected by the corrosion, are rusty, bent or just worn out, you may need to replace them.


It’s time to remove the hinges from your metal gate. For that, you need to make sure you are using something to support the gates when removing the hinges. If you don’t use support placed underneath your metal gate, you may cause much more damage. How? The moment you remove the hinges, the gate might sag or fall in the process, causing damage to the gate, the surrounding objects (if any) or yourself. Therefore, use wedges that are large and strong enough to support the weight of your metal gates.


Once you have removed the hinges from your metal gate, there are a few options on how to proceed, depending on the damage to the gate hinges.

1. If the metal gate hinges are bent, you may consider replacing them with larger ones as the fact that the hinges were too small to support the full weight of the metal gate caused the problem in the first place. You may be tempted to bend the hinges back to their initial form and then put them back to your metal gate, however, the problem may reoccur quite quickly as the weight of the metal gates will bend the hinges again.

2. You find that your hinges are rusty. We recommend replacing them with new ones. If you find small rusty patches, you may get rid of the rust. Take a look at our previous blog posts on how to remove the rust from your metal fence or metal gate: How to repair rusting sports fencing posts.

3. If your metal gate hinges seem to be in a good condition, meaning they are not affected by the corrosion and they are not bent, however, your metal gate still seems to be loose, then your hinges might just need some tightening. Most likely the screws are loose. Use a power drill or a fitting screwdriver to screw them back in. It may happen that you will need to replace the screws as they might be rusty, but make sure that you will use the correct size screws.


Whether you decided to replace old hinges with new ones or cleaned to old ones, you need to put them back. It is important to make sure that the hinges, especially when you have a double swinging gate, are equally on the same level. Firstly, you need to attach the hinges to your metal gate posts. Once that is done, place your gate back on the wedges placed beneath it, and then attach the hinges to the gate.


If you feel that you do not want to hustle with replacing the hinges or your metal gate, you can turn to Diamond Fence. We can help you out with the repairs of your metal gate or the installation of a new one. Our fencing experts have been serving Melbourne suburbs for many decades!

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