One of the latest fencing projects – marine bollards at Edwards Reserve in Kingsville, Melbourne – is not Diamond Fence’s conventional fencing projects. How come? Diamond Fence is known as one of the industry-leading steel fencing companies. However, this project involved the use of timber bollards and landscaping? Yes, landscaping!

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Landscaping and fencing

Landscaping may not be included in our conventional fencing projects. Nevertheless, it is one of the best ways to raise the aesthetic value of your premises. What are some of the other benefits of landscaping? When it comes to economic factors, using landscape and suitable fencing will increase the value of your home (or other premises), make your home more attractive for prospective buyers and reduce the time on the property market.

Furthermore, using durable, high-quality and attractive fencing will create a healthier atmosphere (plants help to filter the pollutants), keep the intruders away (e.g. tubular steel fencing) and provide privacy.

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Marine bollards

Marine bollards, or simply bollards, are something not many may know about. There are only selected specialized companies in Melbourne that offer them. However, most likely, you have seen bollards before (or marine bollards). Firstly, what is a bollard? In essence, it is a short post that has been set up to establish a protective architectural perimeter. When it comes to marine bollards and landscaping project at Edwards Reserve in Kingsville, Melbourne, bollards have been used as decorative items (which, nevertheless, provide a barrier). Why marine bollards? The name comes from the looks reminding actual marine bollards – bollards that ensure that the vessel is secured to the jetty by providing a solid, reliable anchor point.

Usually, bollards are visual indicators that guide traffic or indicate boundaries. They come in different sizes and materials (steel, timber, plastic, stone, etc.).

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If you like what you see and have a similar fencing project or something opposite in mind, contact us! Our experienced fencing experts are there to help you to decide on what kind of fencing suits you and your requirements. Furthermore, we are there to advise you on any additional details related to your fencing project. You have an idea – Diamond Fence is there to make it happen!

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