Focus On Colorbond Fencing In Melbourne

The star of today’s post is no other than Melbourne Colorbond Fencing. When it comes to security fencing, Colorbond fencing hasn’t somehow gotten the attention chain wire fencing or tubular steel fencing in Melbourne has. We are here to change that. 

Today we will focus solely on Colorbond fencing in Melbourne. So before there was a steel fence, there was just a steel. In our case, a Colorbond steel.  What, why, how? Well, let me tell you all about it!

Did you know that nearly for a century, galvanized iron, protected by a zinc coating (read more about it in our blog post here), was the material used because it didn’t need to be painted to be protected from the corrosion. And hand painting the metal was the only way to add colour to it. It all started to change in 1950s, when the Chicago based Lithostrip Corporation and Pre Finish Metals discovered a way to successfully bond paint to a galvanized base. John Lysaght was the one who brought the new technology to Australia.

Only in 1966 the first Colorbond steel was rolled out at Port Kemnla, Wollongogn. It became rapidly a favourite building solution in the industry. Now, the Colorbond steel is used in so many different ways. Starting from Colorbond roofs, walls, gutters and facia, water tanks, sheds, letterboxes, and of course ending with our favourite – COLORBOND STEEL FENCING.

Going initially from  6 colours to 22, it gives you a freedom to choose the best colour that will suit your business premises, building sites or any other commercial or industrial territories.

Why choose Colorbond fencing in Melbourne? Well, we have mentioned this before: Melbourne weather is just something special. You can have four seasons in one day, making it important to choose the right fencing solution that will last longer. And Colorbond steel will definitely last longer. Its long lifecycle is the reason it’s preferred as an industrial and commercial fencing application in Melbourne. Colorbond steel is more resistant to corrosion, because it’s still protected even when you drill holes into it while installing, or even if it gets scratched. Therefore prolonging its lifespan. And on top of all of that add the resistance to sometimes bipolar Melbourne’s weather, either intense sunlight, constantly fluctuating temperature, or the rain that just loves falling down on us, especially almost every day during our winter months.

We’ll leave other Colorbond steel application be, and focus only on the Colorbond fencing. Diamond Fence offers Colorbond fencing only as a  commercial and industrial fencing solutions. It’s durable, strong and cannot be eaten by termites. That would be a problem you would not want to have! Having a commercial or industrial fence that can sometimes be as long as several kilometres and to be eaten by termites….ohh, yes, a problem you want to avoid! But comparing to other security fences like tubular steel security fences or chain wire security fences, Colorbond fences are not see-through. They are more private, and the best solution if you don’t want others to see what’s going on at your business premises. A good example would be a factory, or even a commercial pool where you wouldn’t like passer-by to see your customers having fun in their bikinis by the pool. We’ll leave the imagination of the ways to use Colorbond fencing solutions in an industrial or commercial industry up to you.

In short the benefits of Colorbond Steel Fencing:

  1. Looks great! Unlike timber fencing solutions that look pretty only from one side, and usually it’s the side other people see, and not the side that is facing your premises, then with Colorbond fencing you would not have that problem. It looks great from both sides!
  2. Make it looks different and original. Using Colorbond fencing, you can make sure that your fence is unique. You can choose the colour, and the design that will stand out.
  3. Forget the termites, or burning by the sun, or the corrosion. Colorbond fences are made to last.
  4. Privacy, privacy, privacy. Yes, I did write it three times. But it is such a great benefit of having a Colorbond fence as your security fence.
  5. Security, security, security. Yes, again, it was not a typo. As important as the privacy, the security of your gate is a primary reason you are installing it, right? Colorbond fences might be even hardest to climb as there are no places to put your foot or to grab on to, making it a great security fencing solution.
  6. Maintenance is an easy thing to do. Giving it an occasional wash will make it look newer for much longer. And just once in a while keep an eye on the bottom of the fence that it’s clear of soil or other garden debris.
  7. Recycling. Steel is a 100% recyclable material, so don’t worry that you would harm the environment with installing a Colorbond fence. Also during the installation there is not a lot of scrap produced, and even the one that is, you can also recycle.

Once you have figured out, or even if you don’t, what kind of Colorbond fencing solution you are after, contact our lovely team, and we’ll figure it out together, be it the colour or a design you would love to have. Our team will provide you with more information on Colorbond fencing in Melbourne, and together we’ll have a strong, reliable, sturdy Colorbond fence installed at your commercial or industrial premises in no time.

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