Melbourne Fencing Expert, Diamond Fence, Attends AWIA Conference In Sydney. 

In the beginning of May,  Diamond Fence, one of the leading Melbourne fencing experts, attended AWIA Conference that took place In Sydney. Keeping up with the latest fencing industry trends is important in order to offer the best possible service to our exciting and new fencing clients. And at Diamond Fence, we are always eager to learn!

Of course your first question might be what or who is AWIA? Well, AWIA stands for Australian Wire Industry Association. You might’ve mixed it the Australian Women in Agriculture as AWiA. Just a slight difference in using a capital letter in one and not in the other. You can find more information about the Australian Women in Agriculture HERE.

But we are talking about the AWIA –  Australian Wire Industry Association. A non-profit organisation formed by companies involved in manufacturing sector to support the long term development and prosperity of the wire industry throughout the Australian, New Zealand, Pacific and South East Asian region. Over the years the Association has grown to include over 100 companies involved within the wire industry throughout the region.

And organising a conference like AWIA Conference is something spectacular. A whole day full of amazing, educating and interesting presentations definitely were a big gain to our existing fencing knowledge baggage.

Some of the outstanding performances were:

  1. An Introduction to the PPSR – What is it and what are the key business benefits?
  2. Cyber Security –  How to keep your system safe
  3. Economic & Steel Industry Update
  4. NSW Security Licensing For The Fencing Industry

This conference was also a part of National Manufacturing Week. The are many reasons to visit one of the biggest industry showcases. One of them is that if you want to stay competitive and know more about the latest industry improvements to enhance the efficiency and boost your profitability, you shouldn’t miss it. Some other key reasons to attend in future if you missed the latest showcase:

• Products and services from quality suppliers

• New techniques, technologies and processes

•Networking with your peers and other manufacturing sector stakeholders to exchange ideas, form business relationships and work together on key industry challenges

Most likely for you, as a person outside of the fencing industry, a take-away from this conference would be the information related to the security issue. Especially with the lates events related to Facebook- Cambridge Analytica Data scandal, that involved the collection of personally identifiable information of up to 87 million Facebook users that Cambridge Analytica started collecting since 2014. The data was supposedly used to influence voter opinion on behalf of the politicians who hired them. We will not go into a deeper discussion about it as there is a lot of information of how, when, why it happened. Just Google!

But we will say that after incidents like that people start to think about their privacy much more. We are linked, or we can even say glued to our phones. Majority of us cannot literally live without them if to say the least. Constant check-in on our travels, events we attend, food we eat, places we train at and so much more. With seemingly harmless social media post we can give away so much information that it’s scary.

At the conference they shared tips like your phone should have a password of six digits instead of four. Also using fingerprint password is not that safest because people can drug you and use your fingers to unlock your phone. Many of us have also connected our bank logins with our fingerprints, which poses even higher financial risk. So if your phone has a material that you do not want other people to see or know about, be extra cautious about how you protect your personal data on your phone or computer.

This post was just to update you that fencing industry is not only about chain wire, security fences and so forth.  Once in a while we also have fencing conferences to keep up wit the latests news and that we, Diamond Fence, are always eager to learn and keep ourselves updated with the latest industry trends to offer you the best fencing services in Melbourne.

So if you have any inquiries about security fences, welded mesh panels, tubular steel decorative fencing, safety barriers or any other services we offer, call us on (03) 9753 4566 , shoot us an email on, or just get a FREE online quote.