Sprinkle Some Fairy Dust On Your Castle’s Fencing In Melbourne

“Melbourne Fencing Fairy Tale” might sound like a weird headline to have, but hang on there, it’s all about the recent events between real life prince and a Hollywood A-list actress. Prince Harry & Meghan Markle, who had their amazing dream wedding just a little while ago. I hope you kept an eye on the ceremony as it was something world had never seen before, and we can honestly say that this event might just have been the most anticipated event of the year.  

Being a royal has it’s own pros and cons. Okay, mostly cons because… come one, you are a royalty, what do you have to complain about right, haha? Well, you actually do! Security! Did you know that now since Meghan is a royalty, she cannot have social media, NO SELFIES, she cannot eat shellfish as it has a higher risk of food poisoning, and many other things she now had to stop doing. Why? Security! While Prince and Princess lived in their secured castle happily ever after, then unfortunately the real life is not that much of a fairy tail after all. Our question to you is: have you secured you castle and are you sure no one can trespass the boundaries you have set? Meghan & Harry have their body guards, but who do you have? Life is not a fairy tail, but it definitely has measurements to make your life happier and safer. We, as one of Melbourne’s oldest and trusted fencing companies, suggest to take a look at your fencing around your house, building site, business or any other property.

Our story starts and ends with metal fencing and steel fencing in Melbourne. As we are Diamond Fence, quite a fairy sounding name, isn’t it, then our fairy land is Melbourne, our fairy dust is powder coating, our nights in shining armours are our beloved employees, our castle is located in Knoxfield, and of course steel fencing is the heart of our all existence. 

Whether your fairy land market place needs commercial fencing, maybe industrial fencing, or even residential fencing for your own private castle, Diamond Fence will make it happen. With our nights in shining armour on white horses (We wish! But it makes it quite uncomfortable and dangerous to transport steel fences in Melbourne, we cannot allow that at our work place – safety first, you know!), we can make your castle stand out with a tubular steel decorative fencing and gates beyond the seven seas.

Once upon a time, Diamond Fence, fencing Melbourne since 1978 (we know that it would sound more fairy like if it was 1378 or close, but let’s be realistic… for once during this fairy tale, shall we), Diamond Fence has the expertise to make your fence look like it was made for your home…kmkmm…we meant to say castle! Still in the fairy land of Melbourne, remember!

As Melbourne fencing experts, us, Diamond Fence, we can also make sure that the fence of your castle will get fixed if it has suffered any damages over the time due to the weather conditions, intruders, or has had any other battles. We offer gate & fence repairs in Melbourne, to make sure you are safe and protected with a strong and sturdy metal fence. Even fairy land can be dangerous at times.

If your castle locates at an unconvenient location, we can also install window guards for your safety. Regardless if you want to keep someone away from the outside, or maybe you want to keep people from getting out instead, for example a prison, then appropriate window guards can be provided by Diamond Fence nevertheless. 

Today we got lost in a fairy land, which we are pretty sure Meghan and Harry are doing in real life right at this moment. Fencing might not sound a very fascinating subject, but it has to be done in order to keep you, your beloved ones, your business, your clients or whoever safe. So whether it’s a steel security fence, sports fence installation, chain wire tennis court fencing, window guards, or maybe just a minor fence or a gate repair, you can find it all from one place, Diamond Fence’s place.

Let your dream home be safe in a real life fairy tale! We offer made-to-measure fencing solutions and will make sure your castle will stand tall and strong. Figuratively speaking of course!


So don’t hesitate and give us a call today on (03) 9753 4566, shoot us an email on info@diamondfence.com.au, or just get a FREE online quote.