Metal Fencing VS Bamboo Fencing

Yes, we are a metal fencing company in Melbourne, but sometimes we want to mix things up and talk about something different. Of course metal fencing is our priority, and it always will be, but why not educate ourselves on something that’s totally out of our comfort zone. We said comfort zone, but not the fencing world.

To keep your guessing short, today’s topic is bamboo, and bamboo fencing.

Bamboo  – an evergreen perennial flowering plant in the subfamily of Bambusoideae of the grass family Poaceae. Did you know that Bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world? Certain species of bamboo can grow as much as 91 cm (36 in) within a 24-hour period, having  a rate of almost 4 cm  (81.6 in) and hour. Quite impressive from a plant classified as a grass, isn’t it.

Most of the species grow in places that have warm temperatures and a tropical weather, but there are also species that are found in diverse climates. So their growth can range from tropical regions to cool mountainous regions and even highland cloud forests. Some of the places are for example Himalayas, China Korea, Japan, and even our beloved Australia.

How strong is this grass called bamboo? Quite strong. Comparing to wood, its fibre is 2-3 times stronger than timber. Bamboo is stronger, but still lighter, and outperforms just about every wood in the market. Seems that this grass is quite impressive. What can you use it for? Well, in Hong Kong they have been using it as scaffolding in the construction of skyscrapers. Also for flooring, walls, decking, and yes fencing as well! 

Sometimes you can mix the two of them: steel fencing and bamboo fencing. When you want double strong fencing, or want to add aesthetic value to your home, then you can cover the Colorbond fencing with Bamboo fencing. This way you are sure that no human hands would climb your fence. Yes, this double fencing might be more expensive, but you’d be sure that also no human eyes will see through it, keeping all your private life private.

But what if you really don’t want to install metal fence and bamboo fence at the same time? What if the choice comes down to choosing only one of them? Which one would you choose? Let’s see if we can reach a decision here.

One of the most significant reasons people choose bamboo fence is that it’s environmentally friendly. Like we mentioned previously, then this grass grows very rapidly, therefore bamboo forests are replenished quickly. Also using bamboo fences can slow down the deforestation and damage caused by cutting down trees for lumber. Unlike trees that can be cut down only once, bamboo can be harvested repeatedly.

What about metal fencing? Well, it’s also one of the environmentally friendly fencing options. How? Using powder coating (read more here) is one way to keep it environmentally friendly because unlike regular liquid paints, it doesn’t contain solvent to turns the paint’s binder and filler parts into a liquid form. This solvent evaporates into the air while the paint is drying or even later when it’s ageing. And while evaporating, solvent releases VOCs, which can make a localised air pollution and can have a variety of long-term health impacts. Powder coating doesn’t have that problem. And of course the other reason is that metal fence can always be recycled.

Bamboo looks exotic, but kind of has only one look: bamboo look. It can be stained in colours of your preference though. Metal fences on the other hand can have a different look, a look you choose as there are so many different options to choose from, be it chain link, tubular steel, Colorbond, welded mesh, or even mix-mash fence of those different metal fencing types.

Bamboo can rot when not properly protected against moisture. Therefore it is vital to apply sealant and waterproof coating on bamboo before it is installed. You have to also keep in mind that bamboo must be protected against direct contact with the earth. It also has a tendency to crack and split after continuous exposure to environmental elements. If you choose to change the colour of bamboo fence and you stained it, the colour and finish can fade off in time. It is therefore necessary to seal the bamboo fence regularly, preferably once a year.

If it seems like too much of an hustle, then metal fence might have it a bit easier way. You can make sure that you’re protecting your metal fence right from the beginning, the fence installation phase. Using galvanized or PVC coated chain wire,  powder coated tubular steel, these are few examples of using extra protection to protect your fence from corrosion.  Rust is the enemy of metal fencing, but with the right measurements you can avoid it.
Oh yes, bamboo fencing prices can be quite crispy. It is exotic, but can be much higher than the prices of metal or timber fencing.

So as it seems, then there is no clear answer to which one to choose. It will all come down to your wallet, the looks you are looking for and if this looks will fit in with the rest of the environment surrounding your premises. Therefore you’re the one who has to decide what you are looking for. But if your choice is metal fencing in Melbourne, then Diamond Fence is your guy. We are a metal fencing company in Melbourne that can supply & install, or supply only a metal fence you’d be happy with.

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