As a part of metal fencing products, Diamond Fence offers metal turnstiles in Melbourne. Below you will find images of various turnstiles that Diamond Fence has installed in Greater Melbourne.

A turnstile is also known as a turnpike, baffle gate, or even automated gate in some particular areas. What is a turnstile? It is a type of gate that limits access to one person at a time. Turnstiles can be modified to allow only one-way human movement through the gate or enforce payment for the access. For example, a ticket or a pass, or in some instances, insertion of a coin.

Some of the popular places where metal turnstiles are used are access to public transport or pay-toilet. Various sports stadiums have used metal turnstiles to control human traffic during sports events.

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Applications of metal turnstiles

We mentioned public transport, pay-toilets and stadiums as some of the places you can find turnstiles. However, there are many more places. Turnstiles are a part of industrial and commercial fencing. Therefore, we can find them at amusement parks, airports, ski resorts, industrial factories, power plants, and even casinos.

What are the benefits of using turnstiles? If accuracy is important to your business, turnstiles allow counting the attendance. Meaning, if you need to know the number of people entering (or exiting) through the gates, the turnstile will allow the verifiable count.

One of the cons of the turnstiles is that when there is an emergency, those barriers can become a safety issue when a rapid evacuation is needed. Hence, for example, being an owner/manager of an industrial factory or commercial sports stadium, you may need to consider additional exiting options in case of an emergency.

Furthermore, an additional bypass may be needed for people with disabilities as they may have difficulties using turnstiles (depending on the measurements of the gate). Hence, access to a wide aisle gate of the manual gate may be needed.

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Types of turnstiles

There are various types of turnstiles in Melbourne, and the ones offered by Diamond Fence.

Firstly, turnstiles can be differentiated by their height. For example, waist-high turnstiles. They are used in fairs and arenas. A pass or a ticket will grant you access through the gate. Some are designed to allow a free pass. The alternative would be a full-height turnstile. It s a larger version of the turnstile. It offers higher security as jumping over the turnstile is eliminated.

Then we can have turnstiles with different directions. Some may allow only one-way traffic and some going back and forth.

Furthermore, there are wall mound tripod turnstiles. They are installed in locations where installation on the ground is not possible for various reasons. The turnstile is fixed to the wall. It functions as well as the one that has been installed to the ground. For example, wall-mounted tripod turnstiles can be found in narrow lanes.

Additionally, the choice of the material (metal, stainless steel, etc.) or the colour of the gate would be something to consider.

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