Tips You Should Know When It Comest To Installation Of A New Gate

Step-By-Step instruction about how to do something is a good way to get things done and get them done well. The checklist also comes in handy when making sure you have everything you need at your disposal when going through all the steps. This is why we have decided to make sure you have all the knowledge needed when it comes to installing your new gate.

Here are the 9 steps to getting yourself a brand new gate!

TIP 1: LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. Location matters not only when it comes to buying real estate, but it is also an important factor when installing your new gate. You have to make sure that the place where you want to install your gate has enough space when opening and closing it. Based on the space available, you might consider different types of gates accordingly. For example, will you be using single or double swing gates, or maybe a sliding gate instead?

TIP 2.  When thinking about your gate’s location, you have to think deeper, and by that, we mean you have to know about the soil that is going to be holding your gate posts, and also the moisture and corrosion rate. Why is that important? Because depending on your soil type, you will have to install gate posts accordingly. Corrosion will also play an important role as you have to make sure that your gate posts are protected well for your new gate to serve you as long as it should.

TIP 3: Constant measuring. Once you’ve done the research about the soil types and how to install the posts in them, keep measuring tape at your disposal. Make sure you have measured the exact and correct distance between gate posts, and once the holes are in the ground and the posts in it, measure once again to make sure that the distance is correct as it can become quite tedious quite fast when you realise that posts have shifted a little bit during the installation. Better be safe than sorry!

TIP 4: Make sure that the ground beneath your gates is totally flat. You can use a shovel or a rake to even it out while you are cleaning up all the unnecessary waste that has occurred while installing your gate posts. You’d rather do it before you hang up your gate and then suddenly realise that there is a bump on the way and then you will have to do double work to make sure you can actually close your gate.

TIP 5: Digging the post holes. When it comes to your post holes, then don’t be a perfectionist as digging perfectly round holes will not benefit you as your post might twist. Also, you have to establish that digging is safe as you never know what lies beneath the surface. There might be cables or pipes, so be aware of the possibilities and make sure that the digging space is clear.

TIP 6: Use adjustable hinges as that will give you some playing room if the post has shifted a little as you never know how the soil or concrete (if you’ve used it) will dry up.

TIP 7: Decide between an automatic gate or manual gate. Once again, you have to make sure that there is enough space for gates to open manually or automatically. If it’s a manual gate, it’s a bit easier option. If it’s automatic, then you have to make sure you have access to the electric grid or other electric sources. If that’s not possible, you have to consider using an automatic gate opener that operates on batteries, but then again, you have to make sure by constant checking that the battery is not running low. Another possibility is to use solar power.

TIP 8: Read the manual as carefully as you can as every gate is different and the manual will tell you exactly how to install it, making sure it will function properly!

TIP 9: After installing your new gate, make sure you will pay some attention to the maintenance of your gate for it to last longer. Maintenance, like washing your gate to remove any dust or dirt that has collected on your gate, removing the weed underneath it, or oiling hinges is not a hard one to do but a rewarding one!

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