Turn To Palisade Fencing When It Comes To Security Matters

Palisade fencing is one of the fencing types that are great for high-security solutions, but yet a fencing type we haven’t talked much about. Here to correct that minor mistake and therefore it’s time to talk about palisade fencing and answer few relevant questions about that security fencing type.

Those questions, as majority of the questions we ask, are quite elementary, but better to be safe than sorry and make sure that absolutely everyone is on the same page when it comes to a specific fencing type we are discussing.

What are the most popular security fencing types we know at this moment? Of course  chain wire fencing as this is one of the most popular and cost affordable fencing solutions. Might it be just for your backyard to keep your dog from running to your neighbour’s yard, or for a large industrial warehouse fencing instead, chair wire fencing will get the job done.

If you will find that your chain wire is good, but yet doesn’t create that psychological barrier or doesn’t seem strong enough, you can always turn to a bit more warning fencing solution, and that is adding some extra security measurements like razor or barbed wire.

We’ve talked about what’s the difference and when and where should we use either razor wire or barbed wire, or maybe two at the same time. Take a read here: When to use barbed wire or a razor wire in fencing.

Then we have a stronger security fencing type like tubular steel fencing.  This might be more costly solutions, but yet so much stronger than chain wire fencing. It might also fit the surrounding environment with it looks so much better. What makes tubular steel fencing so popular? It can be tailored to suit whatever your fencing requirements are.  Of course that’s not the only reason! The strength of tubular steel fencing makes it a trustworthy protector of your property. Even though tubular steel fencing tubes are hollow from inside, it is still a very strong security fencing solutions, and having those hollow tubes make transporting of tubular steel fence during the installation so much less of a hustle. Tubular steel fence will give your home, warehouse or wherever the plan is to install you new tubular steel fence to, the looks you want. You can powder coat tubular steel fence into the colour of your preference. If it’s red or yellow to warn people from entering, black to have that modern look for your home property, or green and blue for the playground instead, with tubular steel fencing you can make it happen.

We have some security measurements that are not exactly fencing solution, but add a lot of  extra security if needed. We are talking about the window guards. Take  look at our previous posts about window guards if you think your industrial, commercial, or personal property needs window guards: Window guards, window grilles or window bars.

Huh, that was a long introduction to reach to the next and final security fencing type for this blog post and that is palisade fencing! Let’s find out what is fencing type it is.

The word palisade is actually derived from pale, from a Latin word palus that means stake (stake used to support the fence). Palisade is also sometimes called a stakewall or a paling. To put it simply, palisade fencing is a fence made from iron or wooden stakes. Historically palisade walls were used in small forts. They were mostly made out of wood, a quick and available material. Wooden palisade walls were a short term solution and helped against small forces, but they were easily destructible by fire and siege weapons. Over a long period of time palisade fences have come a long  way. Nowadays they are made from a much more stronger material, such as iron, steel, aluminium etc.

We’re going to concentrate a bit more on steel palisade fencing. What is it exactly? Steel palisade fencing is a fencing type that is made of cold rolled steel rails. We might as well call them pales as this is palisade fence we’re talking about, and those pales are attached to horizontally running pales, connected to vertical steel joists.

Palisade fencing can be made to suit your requirements, whether it’s specific height or the length you’re looking for.  You can also choose between different palisade toppings. Top finishes like pointed pales, rounded finish, a rounded and notched finish, straight cut pales or square topped pales are some to choose from.

What are the benefits of palisade fencing? Whether you’re looking for a new palisade fence for industrial, commercial or domestic purposes, palisade fencing can offer a very good security fencing solution.

1. Palisade fencing has a strong, warning visual looks

2. It’s hard to climb, especially if you choose pointed pales as a top finish

3. Sturdy barrier – high security

4. Low maintenance –  steel palisade fencing can resist extreme weather

5. Can be galvanized or powder coated to fight the corrosion, or give it a better look to suit the surrounding environment

Palisade fencing is a high security fencing and is perfect for protecting industrial factories or commercial warehouses. You can also get palisade fencing installed as your residential security fence. 

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