Beautiful chain wire fencing for playgrounds. 

A picture can say a thousand words. Therefore, today, we will let the pictures do the talking. One of the latest fencing projects of Diamond Fence was a playground chain link fencing in South Yarra.

What are the benefits of having a chain link fence surrounding the playground?

Primarily, of course, chain link fencing acts as a security fencing. Also, as we can see from the pictures below, having a black chain link fence with wooden posts gives the playground a beautiful and modern look.

What should you consider when planning to install a new fence around the playground?

When fencing public playspaces, the idea of installing a fence is to prevent children from running out as there may be several hazards surrounding the playground, such as busy roads or waterways. Additionally, fencing can act as protection from the animals outside the playgrounds.

Public playground does not have to be surrounded by fencing. However, a risk assessment should be done (AS/NZS ISO 31000 Risk management—principles and guidelines). If the boundaries are needed, it does not necessarily have to be a fence. It can also be garden beds, hedges or brick walls, for example.

When the new boundary chosen is a new fence, it cannot be an additional hazard. A new fence must comply with at least AS 1926.1 Amdt 1 Swimming pool safety – Safety barriers for swimming pools and/or AS 2423 Coated steel wire fencing products for terrestrial, aquatic and general use.

When you are choosing your fencing contractor for the job, make sure they know the above-mentioned standards.

Below is a recent playground fencing project by Diamond Fence in South Yarra.

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