Before Applying New Coating To Your Fence, Follow The Next Tips

When you have an existing fence or a gate and you are planning to repaint it, there are a few steps to follow. As gates and fences come in various designs and colours, some have ornaments, some a very plain design and some may have been previously painted by you or powder coated by your fence supplier. Nevertheless, it is possible to repaint the fence or the gate and make it look like new. For the new paint to last longer, it is important to prepare the surface of your fence or the gate before applying a new coating.

When planning the repainting of the fence, firstly, make sure you look at the weather forecast. You should check the humidity and the chances of rain. You want dry weather. However, also check the desired temperature range by the paint manufacturer.

Before you can paint the fence, you need to make sure it is cleaned properly. It is slightly easier to do when your fence has a very basic design without any ornaments as ornaments take much longer to get cleaned and the old paint removed.

To have a nice look of the repainted metal fence, you want to make sure that the surface of the fence after cleaning it is clean and smooth. If you decide to repaint the metal fence without cleaning, sanding and brushing the old paint off it firstly, don’t be surprised when you discover blistering, flaking or inadequate adhesion of the new paint on your old fence.

Therefore, start by cleaning the fence.  You can do it by using a damp cloth. Wipe off any rust and loose paint or any debris that might be at the bottom of the fence. You want to get rid of any dirt that has gathered on your fence over some time.

Then grab a wire brush, especially if your fence has ornaments that are difficult to clean. Try to brush all the holes and corners and clean with a damp cloth once again.

Once these steps are done, apply chemical stripper. You can get it from your local hardware store. The chemical paint stripper, after applying and letting it sit for 15 minutes (the time depends on the chemical stripper, therefore read for the manufacturer instructions), you should see how the paint starts to loosen up on your metal fence. Make sure to apply it properly to hard-to-reach spots.

Now, once the fence has been cleaned, it’s time to choose the right primer, paint and brushes. Once again, your local hardware store can help you out.

The priming is essential as it allows better adhesion of the top-coat and makes it last longer.

Ask for paint that suits your budget range and at the same time has a long-lasting colour and durability. When it comes to brushes, you want a brush that will give your fence a good even finish. You may also look into using a roller or a spray gun for a faster painting process. Just make sure that when you are using a spray gun, it’s not windy! You don’t want the paint to end up where it shouldn’t. To protect the surroundings near your fence, you can put down a drop sheet to avoid any mess.

This is how you prepare your metal fence surface for a new coating!

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