Police Station Received A Cool Looking Security Fence In Melbourne

Fencing Melbourne with security fences is the core of Diamond Fence’s business. We care to keep residential areas, as well as business properties, and big or small building sites safe with our sturdy steel security fencing in Melbourne.

This time we are really proud to be a part of protecting someone, who takes a big responsibility and pride in protecting us on a daily basis – the police. Our latest project was steel fencing for a police station in Melbourne.

Diamond Fence replaced an old, damaged, less secure and tired looking chain wire fencing with a new 22m x 2.1m high crushed top tubular panel steel fencing with perforated metal sheets attached. On top of all the security measurements, it looks so cool! This blue is eye-popping. Exactly right for the police!

In one of the the latest news of Victorian Police, they explained why you should join their team. Firstly, no day is the same when you work for police. So if you just cannot stand sitting in the office and doing the same mundane duties all over and over and over again, while not learn anything new, just getting faster at what you do, then challenging police work might be just right for you! Some of the work that involves being a police man or a woman, is responding to emergencies, taking witness statements, giving evidence in court, speaking to schools or business owners, and even chasing offenders. Sounds like a job 10 times more exciting than sitting in the office. Are you up for it?

And once you are in the system, it does not mean that you have to do the same job for 10 years or even more. Did you know that after picking one speciality, you can still change your mind. Police officers regularly move around from Highway Patrol, to Criminal Investigation Units, to Crime Scene, State Event Planning…oohhh, let me take a breath… Cybercrime and Prosecutions.

Raised an interest? Well, then learn about it more HERE.

But let’s get back to metal fencing, shall we. While police has been protecting Melbourne since… who knows when – for a long, long time for sure, then Diamond Fence has been fencing Melbourne since 1978 and during that time we have installed countless amount of security fences. Installing a strong, reliable security fence is an effort you can make to keep the police less busy and yourself way more safer. Regardless if it’s your residential home, industrial or commercial property, boundary steel fencing is the best choice you can make for the sake of your own security.

Yes, police might catch the intruders trying to trespass or climb over your fence. But why the need to risk? Having a solid security steel fence minimises the risk of having unwanted guests.

And yes mate, this article might have sounded like a free advertisement for police, but it’s not. This is just Diamond Fence’s way to show that we appreciate all the work police is doing. Risking their life (okay, hope that it’s not that extreme, but it does happen) to keep us safe, this is the least we can do.

So the next time you see a police officer, just smile and say hi – they are there because and for you. And Diamond Fence is here for you as well – in Melbourne steel fencing. We are proud to offer domestic fencing, industrial fencing & commercial fencing regardless of the size of the project. 

Police gives their best to keep you safe, let’s do the same – give your best by installing a strong and sturdy security fence. This way we can keep police less occupied and safe from our side as well.

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 Let’s keep police less busy with the top-quality security fencing in Melbourne.