Protective Fencing In Any Size & Style. 

When we talk about steel fencing services in Melbourne, it is not often we speak about protective cages. However, Diamond Fence is also an avid steel protective cage provider.

What do we define as a protective cage? Protective cages are designed to offer a means of protecting various objects. For example, you have pipes or electricity meter boxes that need protecting – protective cage will do the job. Or you own a tennis court/ club and there are surrounding objects that can be damaged by the tennis balls hitting them – protective cages will protect them once again.

What material does Diamond Fence use for protective cages? It depends. The material used can be chain wire panels, tubular steel panels, welded mesh panels or Colorbond steel sheets out of many. It depends on what needs protecting and what are the factors imposing risk to the object that needs protection by the protective cage/box.

Using the same example of owning the tennis court, tennis balls do not impose as high risk as, let’s say, a football would. Therefore, chain link panels are great for the job. In some cases, you may require protection that will also limit the visibility of what is behind. In that scenario, Colorbond steel would be perfect.

None of the projects are identical. Therefore, Diamond Fence specialists will determine the best possible solution for you. The best would be to contact us today to start working on your fencing project, including protective steel cages.

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