What is the importance of PVC coating when it comes to fencing? Firstly, let’s look at what PVC coating is. PVC is an abbreviation for polyvinyl chloride. A polymer of vinyl chloride is commonly used for electrical insulation, films and pipes.

What makes PVC special in the construction industry? After all, up to 70% of global annual PVC production is used in the building and construction sectors. It has excellent strength, flexibility, durability and it is water-proof. Additionally, PVC is treated to be fire and UV-resistant. Furthermore, PVC (plastic) products contribute to greater building energy efficiency, cost savings and construction safety.

Also, when choosing PVC, you can choose from a large range of colours.

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Suitable PVC coating for fencing

When it comes to PVC, you can distinguish between hard and soft PVC. What is the difference? Hard PVC, as the name says it, is hard. Hence, it is used to make window frames, pipes and other structures that need to be rigid to tolerate bad weather conditions or the load.

Soft PVC is soft and it is often used in floors, tubes, edge protection frames, insulation and, of course, fence coating. The reason for using soft PVC is that it is much more flexible. Additionally, it is resistant to oil, grease and chemicals.

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 PVC coating in sports fencing

PVC coating in the fencing world finds regular utilisation in sports fencing. Sports fencing such as tennis court fencing, cricket enclosures, soccer or AFL sports ground fencing or basketball court fencing, amongst many others, use PVC coated chain wire. The reason is that PVC coating offers extra protection to the chain wire from the balls hitting the fence. Meaning it is highly resistant to impact abuse. Additionally, as the majority of the sports fields are outdoors, plastic-coated chain wire is exposed to extreme weather conditions. Having PVC coating helps to protect the chain wire mesh underneath it by protecting it from the corrosive atmosphere.

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Benefits of PVC coating in fencing

  1. The longer life span of your fence. As PVC coating protects the metal underneath from corrosion, it offers protection that will keep your fence stronger for longer. The approximate design life of PVC-coated polyester fabric is 15-30 years. It depends on the grade of PVC and location (exposure to harsh weather conditions and pollution).
  2. Wide range of colours. Using PVC coatings usually allows choosing the colour to suit your premises and style. Please note that Diamond Fence offers black and green plastic coated chain wire only. These colours are known to be the best to blend into the surrounding environment.
  3. PVC-coated fences are low-maintenance fences. It doesn’t mean, however, that you do not need to clean it ever. Just like any other fencing, it will get dirty. Dirt, mud, algae and mildew can affect your plastic-coated fencing. The frequency of the cleaning depends on the location of your fence and exposure to environmental pollutants. 
  4. PVC is a recyclable material. PVC can be recycled six to seven times. Hence, it is an increasingly popular choice for fencing and building. The most common practice is to melt the old PVC to reproduce whatever structure or object is needed. The good news is that this process does not affect the lifetime of the recycled PVC.
  5. The PVC material is pest-free. Hence, you do not have to worry about the termites in the way you would if you had timber fencing. 

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