Graffiti Removal From Colorbond Fence 

Graffiti is a form of art, one way some artists decide to express themselves. When it comes to graffiti on your Colorbond fence, then the art is the same, just the canvas used is mistaken. If the spray paint has found its way on your Colorbond fence, what should you do? Removing graffiti from the Colorbond fence might be tedious work to do. Let’s find out what does it incorporate.

When it comes to the graffiti removal products and anti-graffiti coatings, then there are many of them on the market that claim to get the job done for the Colorbond steel fence or any other Colorbond steel product. Remember, not everything that shines is gold. When it comes to these graffiti removal and anti-graffiti coating products, not all of them are appropriate for BlueScope Steel’s products. When using these inappropriate products, you will void BlueScope Steel’s warranties.

Chemicals you should never use with Colorbond steel are:

1. Acetone

2. Methyl Ethyl Ketone

3. Toluene

4. Thinners or commercial paint strippers

When discovering graffiti on your Colorbond fence, you should not postpone the job of graffiti removal as graffiti should be removed from all the substances as fast as possible because once you allow graffiti to cure over some time, and the longer the period, the harder it will be to remove the graffiti.

When it comes to graffiti removal products, there are several in your hardware store. Just make sure they are not one of the above. The best choice would be to use water-based graffiti removals as they are friendlier to the environment and safer for yourself.

Steps to follow when removing graffiti from the Colorbond steel fence:

1. Purchase an appropriate graffiti remover. You can ask for help from your hardware store salesperson. Once you have it, make sure to familiarise yourself with the correct usage of the product. Follow all the safety instructions on the label.

2. Wear gloves, glasses, long sleeves and wear any other personal protection equipment recommended.

3. Clean the area covered with graffiti with water and clean the surface before you apply graffiti removal products.

4. Do not cover the whole area with the graffiti removal product before you haven’t tested it out on a small affected area. Do the spot test by applying the remover on a small area. Let it sit for one minute or so and then gently rub it off using a clean soft cloth or sponge. The force you will need to apply when rubbing the graffiti off after applying graffiti removal will depend on what type of graffiti paint has been used.

PS! Do not use abrasive materials that can be too hard on Colorbond steel. For example, steel wool or kitchen scourers. If the graffiti doesn’t want to come off, do not keep on rubbing till it comes off as it can damage Colorbond steel. Therefore, be patient and reapply graffiti remover and repeat the process.

5. Use the hose or a bucket to rinse the Colorbond steel fence with the water. Do it continually. That will minimise the risk of residual staining.

6. Repeat the process until you have removed the graffiti. Be patient!

7. Once you have removed graffiti, wash the affected area with water. This is needed to remove any remaining graffiti remover from the surface.

We’ve talked about graffiti removers. What about anti-graffiti coatings for Colorbond Steel?

There are several anti-graffiti coatings, just as graffiti removals for Colorbond steel. The way anti-graffiti coatings work is that they form a barrier between the sprayed surface, in our case Colorbond steel, and the graffiti. If you are living in an area where graffiti is a common thing to find on the walls of the buildings, fences or whatever the graffiti master has decided to use as a canvas, then you might want to use anti-graffiti coatings.

PS! Using anti-graffiti coatings will void your COLORBOND® steel warranty!

Other issues may arise when using anti-graffiti coatings. Such as:

1. Possibility of anti-graffiti coatings turning yellow and peeling off, and this is a problem hard to solve.

2. The different service life of anti-graffiti coatings and COLORBOND® steel finish.

3. Aggressive solvents of anti-graffiti coatings can harm the paint finish of COLORBOND® steel.

4. After removing graffiti, you may damage the anti-graffiti coating and reapplication might be needed. That might lead to several layers of anti-graffiti coatings and hence increasing the likelihood of the above-mentioned problems.

Here you go, how to remove graffiti from your Colorbond fence!

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