Towards Zero Plan Addresses The Importance Of The Safety Barriers

Safety barriers do save lives and that’s no understatement. Don’t take only our words for it. Have you ever heard of Towards Zero Plan? No? You should.

On Towards Zero webpage (just click HERE), the first thing you’ll see is ZERO IS THE ONYLY ACCEPTABLE NUMBER. What is that number exactly about? Diamond Fence is a Melbourne fencing company, and Towards Zero Plan has really not much to do with fencing, but they do touch upon on the importance of safety barriers, and we, as fencing company, also know the importance of safety barriers, therefore we’d like to spread the word about such an amazing plan – Towards Zero plan!

We asked, what is this number zero all about? What is Towards Zero all about?

Towards Zero is Victoria’s plan to ensure no one is seriously injured on our roads and the idea is to get the number of people injured on the roads as close as possible to zero. Zero is of course the most desired number when it comes to the road injury statistics and reports.

Towards Zero acknowledges that we have to face one or another sort of risk on our roads. But it also aknowledges that even if we do face the risk while using the roads, there is much we can do so the risk would be smaller and wouldn’t cost us our lives.

Towards Zero supports a safe transport system that we can build together to protect from the risks on the road, either created by ourselves or others on the road.

Towards Zero principles are not only in place in Victoria, but also across most Australian states and territories.  For example countries like Sweden, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Norway and large cities in the US, such as NYC, LA, Chicago and Boston have adopted the same principles. There they are known as  Vision Zero.

Vision Zero is an approach to prevention that integrates safety, health and well-being at all levels of work. And it has 7 golden rules:

  1. Take leadership – demonstrate commitment
  2. Identify hazards – control risks
  3. Define targets – develop programmes
  4. Ensure a safe and healthy system –be well-organized
  5. Ensure safety and health in machines, equipment and workplaces
  6. Improve qualifications – develop competence
  7. Invest in people – motivate by participation

What are some of the golden rules of Towards Zero plan?

NUMBER 1 on their list: SAFETY BARRIERS! And they state: SAFETY BARRIERS SAVE LIVES! And we, as one of the Melbourne’s leading fencing companies, couldn’t agree more!

According to the information from their website, in 2018 safety barriers were hit more than 3,200 times. 3,200 times!
Towards Zero plan’s goal is to reach zero deaths and injuries on the roads, therefore you as Victorian, or even just a passerby from another state or country, you’ll be seeing many new safety barriers installed across the state of Victoria.

Safety barriers will be installed in the most high risk regional roads. Why? Because they reduce the chances of head-on and run off roads crashes by 85%!

NUMBER 2: SAFE ROADS. And by that they mean the improvements of infrastructure as proper roads and roadsides help to reduce the severity of a crash, or prevent the crash happening in the first place.

NUMBER 3: SAFE SPEEDS! Also a really important rule. Fallow speed limits, people! When they are set and drivers stick to them, the safety on our roads can be enhanced.

NUMBER 4: SAFE VEHICLES. It advises for everybody to upgrade their vehicles to the safest in its class as improving how well a vehicle protects people in a crash, or how well it can avoid a crash, can save lives.

The result of the above is NUMBER 5: SAFE PEOPLE! We can protect ourselves and others if we act in a safe and responsible manner.

Following the golden rules above we can help Victoria to move Towards Zero. Towards Zero deaths and injuries on the road.

Today we didn’t talk much about fencing, even though we touched upon safety barriers, which is one of the Diamond Fence’s specialities. But we did touch upon something very important, and that is the lives of people. Therefore please do take a look at Towards Zero webpage and maybe get some tips on what can you do to help us to move Towards Zero.

Also take a look at our webpage as there are many fencing solutions available, and strong, durable safety barriers are one of them.

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